“Most stores do not accept CUC and those that do only sell water bottles”: Cuban response to Marino Murillo

“Most stores do not accept CUC and those that do only sell water bottles”: Cuban response to Marino Murillo

Many Cubans on social media questioned, Marino Murillo, head of the government’s economic reforms department, What showed an achievement is that 2,678 stores across the country are currently accepting payments at CUC.

Although Cuban authorities initially announced that during the first six months of the monetary reform, stores at CUC would continue to accept payments in this currency, with a large portion of them automatically converted into Cuban pesos, while their remaining supply was very limited.

“Don’t lie, most stores do not accept CUC and those that do only sell water bottles.” User response known as Yoan Carlos For what is called “the Caesar of the Cuban Economy”.

“With their offers, I imagine it would take six years to gather CUC if that was the only way,” Another user, Ariane Perez, protested.

“Not everyone buys water, honey and rum. They know that they will face a big problem in the banks because of their modest and ineffective decisions like you,” Added a user named Claudia Gonzalez.

After starting the command mission, in January of this year, Cubans figured out how, despite government promises, A large portion of stores did not accept CUC And services like Servicupet and CIMEX Gastronomy as well.

“This morning I went for a walk in Havana, state stores do not accept CUC, they say they received a ‘circular’,” pointed out Then Alina Menendez with a photo of the Artex store.

The Monetary consolidation It is a big problem for Cubans, because of the high prices and the devaluation of the national currency.

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The Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Diaz Velasquez, explained before the residents’ first complaints about the state program Round table shape, That stores pose problems for accepting CUC.

“From a technological point of view, Caribe had an effect on the first media that were operating in collection bins, and they couldn’t get everything they expected to be merged. It’s something that has to happen in the coming days. The strings have also progressed. He explained that the process of introducing all of them should be done. Stores to Service Today (Monday), nationwide, 41% of Cimex stores and 67% of those in the Caribbean get CUC. ”

“Servicupet not planning to receive.” CUC The Cimex Gastronomy does not receive, nor will it receive, CUC. Palmares, Artex, and Egrem gastronomy have been added to this. In other words, it is a network that is more easily accessible, and of course 94% does not give the level of satisfaction. He said, “You have to keep checking.”

The Cuban government is created Stores Which will accept CUC until June 2021, the scheduled end date of its trading. Approximately 784 commercial units of CIMEX and 1014 Caribbean supermarket chains have been authorized to receive the Cuban Convertible Peso.

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