Feature: What can we find in El Comercio’s new gastronomic space? | priority

Feature: What can we find in El Comercio’s new gastronomic space?  |  priority

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July is the month of the Motherland, and in a country like ours, it is unfathomable – it is not lived – without a good plate of food on the table. Peruvians have made our gastronomy a symbol of identity, as well as a source of pride. The dishes of the national cookbook are already known all over the world and our chefs have become the great ambassadors of Peru, enriching a niche that has not stopped growing in the past decade. We have long been accustomed to occupying the top positions in culinary rankings and awards, and the products that make up our incomparable biodiversity are already being consumed far beyond our borders. However, 2020 represented a big break for business. What comes from now?

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The time we spent at home during the months of quarantine brought us closer to the kitchen, that kitchen that nourishes body and soul with old-fashioned stews, comforting dishes and nostalgic preparations. Recipes have become a cure-all for many. At the same time, new gastronomic business models began to emerge in an uncertain and difficult scenario: deliveries and dark kitchens (or hidden kitchens) opened new opportunities for various brands. Interest in restaurants is gradually returning to a different normal, and chefs have responded with refreshing proposals seeking to attract new audiences. Peruvian gastronomy has faced the epidemic with great effort, but also with great optimism.

In this context, Provecho was born, a digital space within El Comercio where all articles, videos, interviews and specials related to the kitchen produced in the newspaper will be collected, with a renewed menu and more content options. First of all, we’ll have new recipes every week, both from our archives and from the cookbooks of the country’s top chefs. Three new collaborators join in with their personal touch: Stephanie Bellini (); Rossio Oyanguren (); and Kathia Vanaraga (She will bring us new dishes every week.

If we don’t want to cook, we also have options on the menu. How about cooking versus where every Friday we try two different dishes that get delivered? We give you all the details to crave right before the weekend. Of course, you can not miss the routes through the regions of Lima, menus specializing in dishes, desserts and cocktails for all tastes. To continue getting acquainted with this tempting proposal, we invite you to watch the video that we attach at the beginning of the note. enjoy your meal!

You can visit us here: www.elcomercio.pe/provecho

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