Federal prosecutor alleges possible violation of gag order in case against Jared Wanda Vazquez

Federal prosecutor alleges possible violation of gag order in case against Jared Wanda Vazquez

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office Filed an application in court alleging a “possible violation” of the gag order in the case against the former governor Wanda Vasquez Garised.

Details of the claim are not known because the request was filed with a stamp in the court file.

However, the request to stamp the “Request for Prosecution of a Possible Court Order Violation” indicates that it is based on Entry 27 of the file, namely the gag order issued by Federal Judge Raul Arias Markswach last August 12.

Two weeks later, the Vázquez Garced Twitter account posted a message with a quote attributed to South African lawyer Bram Fischer: “The blatant injustice is there for all who have not been blinded by prejudice to see.”

The judge’s order prohibits the parties to the case from speaking to the media or via social networks “any information” that has any restrictions. That is, they can express themselves on proposals that are public or that have been discussed in a public session.

The order also states that they must not make statements that “may interfere with a fair trial or harm any accused, the government, or the administration of justice.”

Similarly, the judge ruled that “expressions or information intended to influence public opinion on the merits of this case are specifically identified as information that could be harmful to a party.”

Marxwach instructed the parties to speak on the case’s general allegations, the information already part of the public record, the case schedule, the general court order and the contents of the general motions, but when they express themselves they do so “without any elaboration or characterization.”

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Vasquez Garised on August 4 by FBI agents.

In addition to Vásquez Garcid, Venezuelan banker Julio Herrera Velotini and his financial advisor Marc Rossini, once an FBI agent, are also charged in the same case.

According to an indictment issued by a federal grand jury, the three conspired so that Vasquez Jared received contributions to his governor’s campaign from the banker, with Rossini’s help, in exchange for the formal removal of George Joyner from the Office of the Commissioner of Finance. Institutions (OCIF), in order to put an end to the audit that discovered suspicious transactions in Herrera Velutini’s bank accounts.

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