In the Antibulpo scandal, only one person will be in jail for “rebellion.”

In the Antibulpo scandal, only one person will be in jail for “rebellion.”

In November 2020, the first procedure initiated by the Dominican judiciary was against former officials of the last government of Danilo Medina and his relatives. Anti-octopus, since then at least ten of them have been involved in mandatory operations with prison and house arrest. The file contains 28 individuals and 21 companies.

They are accused of administrative malpractice Over four billion pesos, “Privileged suppliers and figures who use family ties to political power to amass fortunes”.

Yesterday, after 21 months in prison, Judge Taibi Dimodio Peguero, The Seventh Investigative Court of the National District ordered the coercion of those in prison to be modified so that all but one will be under house arrest, but previously they must pay up to 60 million economic guarantees. weights.

Najayo-Men leave the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center Alexis Medina Go home to work as a housekeeper, Danilo Medina’s brother; and who was given the largest amount of economic guarantee of 60 million pesos; Jose Dolores Santana, Wacal Bernave and former Director of Reformatory Institutions Patrimonial Fund (Fonbar), Ferdinand Rose.

They are under house arrest Magali Medina Sanchez (sister of former President Medina); Former Director General of the Office of Supervising Engineers of State Works (Oisoe) Francisco Pagan.

Also Freddy Hidalgo, former Minister of Public Health; Aquiles Alejandro Cristofer Sánchez, Julian Esteban Suriel Suazo, Rafael Antonio Germosen Andujar.

For this case The prison guard was only Carlos Martin Monte de Oca Vasquez, who was declared absent and sent to jail in April this year; And his wife, Paola Mercedes Molina Suazo, was ordered to attend regularly and prevented from leaving.

Sunday Antonio Santiago Munoz He remains independent with occasional presentation and exit obstruction.

Others are involved

María Isabel de los Milagros Torres, José Miguel Genao Torres, Pachristy Emmanuel Ramírez Pacheco, Antonio Florentino Méndez, Lina Ercilia de la Cruz Vargas, Rigoberto Alcántara Batista, Víctor Matíasiel Enteroni, Subjector Matíasiel Enteroently Arodi Valenzuela Matos, Francisco Ramón Brea Morel (a) Johnny and Lewyn Ariel.

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