Grego Rossello: Quintero’s obsession before the goal in Madrid and his “obsession” with Messi and more

Grego Rossello: Quintero’s obsession before the goal in Madrid and his “obsession” with Messi and more

The influencer and tenth opened the doors of his home to TyC Sports. What Juanver said before the historic final that River beat Boca in the Libertadores, his flea dedication and more.

Grego Rosselló

Some call the world of signs “the landscape”, others speak of the community. This digital platform is a place that operates by different rules than the world of television. An amphibious character is Grego Rosello, who, when he got off TV and then exploded on the networks, can work without problems in both universes. That’s what he’s currently doing on his Twitch channel every Thursday with “Fernet con Grego”, a program with a TV structure, but with the rules and peculiarities of the digital sphere. And perhaps because of this and because of Grego’s special imprint, it works very well. Characters like Coscu, Duki, Momo, L-Gante… have already gone through this series of interviews.

“Honestly, I’m very happy with the show. I spent five years on TV, and ended up quietly on ESPN, we did really well with the Redes, and I said ‘they’re going to come looking for me from different channels.'” I went to work with Lizy Tagliani in a role I didn’t like very much, And soon the program was lifted. Later in America, I did not feel comfortable with the role of a lecturer. And the doors did not open much for me. The Instagram medium that I gave up. And in the event of an epidemic, I see that my brothers were seeing Bimbe, Joaku, people I did not know who Hmm. I knew Momo, Cosco and others, and I began to understand what was going on there. That’s to talk to an audience of 25, 30, who had stopped watching TV, I had to go like that. Nothing came to me like a genius. When I started to Making videos on Instagram, which everyone said was a first, I saw Gringos were already doing it. Joaku and Pembe are working, my friends, my little cousins, my brothers are laughing at them. Now I’m not going into a platform I don’t know to do a video reaction because that’s what works For Coscu. I’ll get something I know how to do. The TV is back a little bit from Where its content is, perhaps due to the lack of audience for whatever reason, because it has become sloppy. So I said I’d like to do something on TV on Twitch. I loved fern, so I thought “I’m going to do a program where I’m going to drink fern with guests.” I started doing it with comedian friends, and the first one who came was Momo. I watched the COSCO Army Awards a couple of years ago and was out of this world. This year ended with my nomination in three categories. The 2021 interview with Coscu and Duki is closed, but to do it bit by bit. I knew Coscu and didn’t invite him to the premiere, and I said ‘when he’s good, he’ll want to come’ and so it wasGrego says.

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Full interview with Grego Rosello on TyC Sports’ YouTube channel


This is a Bachelor in History, Actor, Comedian, Driver, He was the first influencer who, through what he created with his videos on networks, was able to fill the stage of Gran Rex In 2016 and 2017. This year, starting in April, he will return with a comedy show at Piccadilly Theater

– You are an actor, influencer and driver .. How do you define yourself?

I think it could be comical. Some will say, “I’m not funny,” but what I always say is that comedy includes everything I do. Today I’m doing “Fernet con Grego” and the program works really well when people are laughing in the chat. Then I like that he has a share of seriousness. For example, Joaco López cried on the show, recounted his problem with addiction, Pablo Agustín recounted coming out of the closet and if this complicated the relationship with his parents, Nachito Saralegui talked about mental health and obviously there is no place for jokes or yes, which is better.

– What do you think attract boys and girls who watch your show?

I think what exactly the kids of Twitch and YouTube love today is that this world, and therefore my software, doesn’t work like TV which has certain limitations. I tell my guests, “Say what you want here.”

. Are there things on TV that can’t be done yet?

– There are restrictions on television and new generations are accustomed to watching on the Internet, and this boring them. We’re all a character in front of the camera, but before that this was huge. I don’t want to name any drivers, but we knew one was a god in front of the cameras and a bad guy. This doesn’t work for kids today, because on Twitch you can stream for three or four hours. My show lasted five hours, you have to be Daren to act your own for five hours, how do you do that? And what is the relationship of fictional characters, the most representative, boys do not like.

Among his most precious things The Reversi shirt was given to him by the team after their victory in the final against Boca in Madrid. Grego put it in a painting because he considers that day the best of his life.

“I am depending on context, situations and what has been played, I define it as the best day of my life. I went to see it thanks to the fact that he took me a sign. It all happened together, he was going to work, but he was also going to see River. In the first half we were losing and I was bad. Several players from the Argentine national team followed me, but almost none of them were from River. The only one was Juanfer, who said to me at the preview: “Don’t worry, Grego, I’ll beat them.” And when Quintero scored, I must have been one of the people who screamed at that goal the most. I represented all my family and friends. And when the game was over I started crying like a baby. I went to greet Juanver at the hotel and moved from a trip I’m not going on, to being with the guys at the party. The shirt from that day. That’s why I say it’s one of the happiest days.”.

Grego Rosselló

– I see many things for Messi in your house. Do you have loyal to him?

It’s an obsession I have with Messi. It really goes beyond football and there is also a personal question regarding the fact that in 2015 he started following me on Instagram. Then one day I went to Monumental and he greeted me, thus having a lovely TV moment. Again, I go to Spain with La Liga, they kind of tested me, they put me in a lane to see if it was true that I had a good relationship, and when Messi passed he came to say hi. I don’t forget those things. I am not objective. He’s the best, but if someone tells me otherwise, I’m not objective with Messi.

Grego has some black and white paintings that represent his artistic, musical and sports tastes and preferences. For example “Violent Times” is his favorite movie. “If no one sees it, they have to see it now. I see it now and then. I really like movies.” My actor’s side has waned, I hope he appears again soonGreg points out.

– You have a Michael Jordan painting. Is he your idol?

– Like all boys, When they showed you Michael Jordan, you fell in love with basketball because of this guy. An alien. It is like him with Maradona and Lebron with Messi. Both had many years in the elite, Diego and Jordan with fewer years, but a very winning position. I love Michael. Another idol I have is Jimmy Fallon. I think the one doing something similar here is Ji Mamoon. But one day I will do that. What gringos did was make a mathematical formula for what made us laugh. She took stand-up courses, and went to New York to watch comedy. There is an equation, but it is also true that there are natural people, and I always give the example of Migue Granados. Everything comes to him by itself.

Do you like basketball more than football?

All my life I loved basketball more than football. What happens is that I have no passion for any basketball club like that at River. I lived in the United States, and since I’m from the country of Messi and Maradona, if you say you’ve played football, the expectation that there was was huge. So I said I’d be Latino playing basketball. Nobody offered two mangoes, so I’ve played all my life and defend myself in one form or another.

“It’s an obsession I have with Messi.”


"It's an obsession I have with Messi"

– Why do you think that in the world of signs there is neither jealousy nor envy, and in television there is?

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It’s about changing my jelly starting with Coscu, who has another head, and who believes that bread is not just for one person, but can be shared.. This is real online. There are four air channels on TV and we’re all at the same time, and we think, if they’re watching this channel, they’re not watching me. Instead, today with On Demand they see this note when balls are sung to them. So you don’t take a place from “Fernet con Grego”, they will probably watch this interview and then go watch my show or vice versa. The platforms really help you be good people alongside these kids.

– Do you have enemies?

I had a poet with Santi María, but we’ve already sorted it out. We may have always failed that I chose my worst enemy because it is Jesus Christ. The man who saves people’s lives, puts out the fires for you. I was a fool for choosing my enemy. Today I try not to have quilombos with anyone, but I changed the slice of wanting everyone to love me. There must be people who do not like me and there are people who do not like me.

How do you see yourself ten years from now?

It was already clear and expected. You asked me two years ago and I told you I’d be a Telefe driver, and look at everything that’s happened in between this pandemic. I think I’m on the path to owning my own production company and creating my own content.

– At one time you had a bad time, and one can from here say how bad you were if you had it all and were doing well?

I had a lot of anxiety, and I thought it was depression, but I went to the psychiatrist and was able to determine what was happening to me. I’m still concerned because one eats this movie screwed up. I always say the same thing, I got on the plane to cover the final in Kyiv and to my friends who support me so much I told them, ‘Crazy on this flight I woke up again’. come back from what! Between 2018 and 2019 I traveled abroad an average of once a month, raving. And for me those were the bad years because not many people came to the stage or I had less liking. Today, my likes on Instagram, which I look at because it’s about the brands that serve me and my business, they average 10,000, 20,000, I’ve had 80,000. In another context, these numbers would have killed me. Now I say “Well, if I don’t give Instagram too much of a ball, I work with YouTube” and that works more or less, but I’m not weird It’s not that “Fernet con Grego” was a nationwide hitSome children see it, greet me in the street, It’s good for me, I can live from this So I give it to you.

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