Fernando Gago is accused of “laying bed” on the Argentine national team coach

Fernando Gago is accused of “laying bed” on the Argentine national team coach

Argentinian Fernando Gago He's only been manager for a few months Chivas In Liga MX, the team with which he had a satisfactory start after eight days and went through a round in CONCACAF Champions Cup. In this period, the captain was free of controversy, but now controversy is coming to him from his country due to his past as a player.

Jago was a footballer Argentine national team A few years ago, during the World Cup campaign towards South Africa 2010, he took it out Alfio “Coco” Basilewho was recently interviewed by the journalist Fernando Nembro He was asked how he left the Albiceleste in 2008.

In the hadith, Basil He explained the reasons Ava He decided to dispense with his services, and one of the people involved was the midfielder at the time, who did not have the consistency he wanted, so he was accused of intervening to replace him.

“I knew things were moving. There were movements between some players and coaches because Argentina were going to qualify for the World Cup in the same way. I came in corrupt with two players… Gago was in a difficult situation. Because Mascherano was the starter.” In this situation he “wanted to play.”

The famous coconut He was unable to complete his career with Argentina, because he was substituted during the qualifiers Diego Armando Maradona, who also accused him. Belosa captained the Bambiro team to qualify for the World Cup, where it reached the quarter-finals of the said competition.

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on time, Lionel Messi He was already a global star and was part of the team, but according to what he said BasilFlea was very introverted and had no influence in promoting his exit.

Who is Coco Basil?

The Argentine strategist had a long career as a technical director from 1976 to 2012, where he led the team in two stages. Argentine national team. The first was the most successful, winning the Confederations Cup and two championships American Cups (1991 and 1993) before the great Albiceleste title drought.

Basile also managed several clubs in his country and Spanish, Uruguayan and Uruguayan football teams. Mexican LeagueWhere the coach was America Between 2000 and 2001.

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