Javier Miley warns against cutting off shipments of hydrocarbons – DW – 02/26/2024

Javier Miley warns against cutting off shipments of hydrocarbons – DW – 02/26/2024

president Argentina, Javier MileyToday, Sunday (02/25/2024), he warned against cutting off the supply of hydrocarbons He threatens to do so The establishment of the government of Chubut Province in southern Argentina implies a violation of property rights.

Miley said in television statements: “This means violating the right to property, which is a crime. If you do this, justice will take action.”

Chubut Governor Ignacio Torres said on February 23 that, starting on the 28th, he would block gas and oil shipments from his province if the national government did not transfer funds from federal tax collections to him. .

Chubut is Argentina's second-largest oil producer (nearly 21% of the country's total) and third-largest natural gas producer (6%). Under the Argentine constitution, natural resources are the property of provinces, which can grant concessions to companies to exploit them, as is the case with hydrocarbons.

The conflict forms part of a strict fiscal adjustment plan implemented by Miley's government that has led, among other things, to spending cuts and a sharp decline in transfers to the country's 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

In the case of Chubut, there is also controversy over the money the province owes to the national state, under which in February it withheld 13.5 billion pesos ($15.7 million) that should have been transferred to the province for joint participation. . Federal tax. The national government claims that this deduction is legal since Chubut has borrowed by putting up money it matches from the federal participation as collateral.

However, Chubut confirms that this measure was “arbitrary,” and that he tried to manage the restructuring of the debt and then cancel it before the new Argentine administration, but he did not receive a response, so he does not rule out transferring the controversy to Adalah.

Given this, in statements made today, Sunday, to the channel LN+Miley stated that Torres is “a poor boy who can't even read a contract” and has “very great intellectual fragility.” He also regretted the support of Torres by other (southern) Patagonian governors and accused them of not wanting to make the necessary financial adjustment.

Torres belongs to the Propuesta Republicana (PRO), the center-right party of former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), and is a close ally of Miley. PRO, in turn, integrates the front Together for changea coalition governing ten provinces (Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Jujuy, Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Fe and the city of Buenos Aires, as well as Chubut itself) whose leaders also supported Torres in his claim.

In this context, moreover, several provinces have already resorted to the federal courts and the Supreme Court against the amendment measures taken by Miley.

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