Ferro de Concordia receives Luis Luciano on Sunday

Ferro de Concordia receives Luis Luciano on Sunday

On the twenty-first day of the Federal League, Club Atlético Verocaril will welcome Luciano de Ordinarin on Sunday at 7:00 pm in the Juan de Dios Obregon Gymnasium.

After winning the Classic against Capuchinos 69-63, Expreso will go for their seventh win of the season and sixth by playing at home. Excited to win the derby, Ferro will be looking for his second successive home win. Those led by Martin Segovia will try to finish this normal phase of the remaining six days in the best way.

On the other hand, Luciano who reaches Concordia with a neutral record will have the result of ten wins and the same number of losses. Those led by Alejandro Buero seeking to get into the playoffs came from defeating BH by power by 90 to 70 at Luis Spiazzi. Those teams actually met in Urdinarrain on March 2 with a slim homeowner win by 60 to 56.

Basketball Sunday in Rivadavia and San Juan. Pablo Carrizo and Francisco Rato will be the referees for the meeting, while Oscar Pogon will be the technical commissioner. It will be the penultimate railway match. On Thursday, April 21, they will host the Regattas and on Wednesday, April 27, they will do the same against Racing de Gualeguaycho.

Source: Vero de Concordia Press

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