Science is heading towards a ‘quantum internet’

Science is heading towards a ‘quantum internet’

José Manuel Sanchez Ron is considered one of the most prominent Spanish scholars. He is also by far the best historian of science. Unlike most of his fellow scientists, he writes clearly. It’s not intrusive or far off. His writings attribute to him a literary quality that includes prolific readings of novels, poetry and articles.

Thirty years ago, it was published The power of scienceIt is a reference history which I have supplemented with specialized studies on Albert Einstein, Newton, Marie Curie, Humboldt and Darwin, as well as a very useful report Science Dictionary. It is a book that allows for immediate consultation on issues and personalities that social networks deal only casually. Sanchez Ron is now publishing the third edition of The power of science (Cash)Significantly expanded history of science in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. In twelve quarter pages, it covers the development of scientific knowledge that forms one of the four pillars of world culture, along with literature, the arts, and music.

I would like to reveal the shortcomings that will undoubtedly appear in the great work published by Sanchez Ron. I know that without criticism praise dwindles. But I lack the scientific knowledge to highlight flaws or omissions in such extensive work And it may seem wretched to me to point out some literary shortcomings that hardly scratch the solidity of the published book.

José Manuel Sánchez Ron founded the empire of science in the Napoleonic era, studied medicine as an experimental science in the nineteenth century, devoted ample space to women in the scientific profession, and confirmed the two Nobel Prizes (in physics and chemistry) won by Marie Curie and He is stingy with biochemist Margherita Salas, favorite disciple of Severo OchoaExcellent writer and partner at the Royal Spanish Academy. The day before, I had long conversations about science with Margarita Salas. A simple and constructive woman, oblivious to all depravity, was able to explain and even understand the “abnormal specificity of glucose-6-phosphate isomerase”. The international scientific world recognized his studies in molecular biology. She died prematurely, surrounded by public recognition. His prestige knows no bounds.

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Sanchez Ron is blown away by his knowledge of Einstein and his titanic work. Also in Darwin. He does not forget Newton or Faraday or Pasteur or Kajal, or my admired Planck or Heisenberg or Crick. s He develops the influence of wars on the development of science, and makes particularly accurate statements. Sanchez Ron refers to this matter wisely and seriously. All wars are awful. There are no holy, national, or justified wars. But they certainly contribute to deep scientific research and undoubtedly progress.

Finally, the historian world extends to the digital age, new medicine, the DNA revolution, quantum mechanics, plate tectonics, genomic mapping, and Crispr. It highlights China’s disconnect in the current scientific avant-garde, and its findings in Verschränkung confirm the entanglement that Schrödinger hinted at in 1935, that is, in “the property that two parts of a quantum system are in instant contact, no matter how far apart they are, so that they are Working in one part has immediate effects on the other.” Albert Einstein addressed this question in his famous 1947 letter to Max Born. José Manuel Sanchez Ron, in perhaps the best discovery in his book, He claims that this opens the way for a ‘quantum internet’.

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