Nassib Naim: LigaPro continues programming without referees as if it had no idea what money was being ‘burned’ however | football | Sports

Nassib Naim: LigaPro continues programming without referees as if it had no idea what money was being ‘burned’ however |  football |  Sports

The president of Emelec shows his disagreement with the decision of the organizer of the soccer tournament in Ecuador.

Nassib Naim, president of Emelec, described the decision of the Ecuadorean Professional Football League (LigaPro) to continue scheduling Serie A matches as “unpresentable”, despite the referees’ strike for non-payment that did not allow matches to start. weekend, With the absence of referees in the stadiums where the opposite teams played.

At the discretion of the millionaire coach, the seventh round of the second round of the Italian Serie A, which has been ongoing since Friday night, should have been stopped.”What would normal people do?”, knowing the position of the referees (the Ecuadorean Football Referees Association) in advance, the whistle does not sound until LigaPro cancels four months of debt.

“What a difference between what we do and what others remember from other leagues that pay attention to more details about the clubs,” Niemi said. “Verify that (the programming) is correct regardless of whether clubs will show up and there has been no game, if they spend money they don’t have and have to travel again (to their host cities), whether or not TV spends fortunes on taking people to broadcast and finally doesn’t send .Does LigaPro have no idea that between the transmission costs GolTV, Journalists’ logistics, transportation logistics, club food, etc. Can $250,000 be easily spent per date? He does not realize it and continues with his imaginary talk in which he was the center of controversy and the champion of justice in the face of injustice, and for that he gathers clubs as a Roman emperor who was only interested in support. Some people don’t care if the crucified was innocent. There are people who do not have jobs and families who do not even have enough food. And 250 thousand dollars are burned. unrepresentable.”

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In an interview with this newspaper, the 66-year-old leader from Guayaquil referred to Saturday’s request from the 22 LigaPro clubs – those from Series A and B, excluding Emelec, Técnico Universitario, Mushuc Runa and Olmedo – to the Ecuadorean Football Federation for an extraordinary conference. To find out and solve current problems with referees in accordance with the regulations.

The electric club had to face Sunday night (19:00) against the Liga de Quito at Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, But the situation was the same as in the rest of the matches in history: there were no referees to whistle and the match, with both teams on the field, finally did not take place.. (Dr)

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