“Festival de Artesanos”, a space to celebrate and honor the work of artisans and craftsmen in the region – areacucuta.com

“Festival de Artesanos”, a space to celebrate and honor the work of artisans and craftsmen in the region – areacucuta.com

The craftsman is distinguished by the ability to develop unique objects loaded with value, history, tradition and identity, which preserve the ancestral knowledge through this cultural and productive trade, which provides sustenance and is a way of life for many families in the region. .

For this reason, in order to promote the preservation of this traditional, ethnic and contemporary artisanal culture and knowledge, the Municipal Administration, through the Trustees of Culture and Tourism, Banco del Progreso, Social and Post-Conflict Development, leads this space of recognition that has been developed, for a few years, in favor of promoting one of the I present the tasks of humanity, its importance to the identity of the region and its promotion in the economic revitalization of the sector, ensuring new opportunities for the marketing of its products. products.

“These spaces are essential because success in markets is not in direct participation in them, but in what we can offer to change them: the elements of differentiation, value addition and innovation. This work is the basis of a public policy with a vision of the future, where the raison d’être is structured on education, transformation and research,” Jairo stated. Yanez, Mayor of Cúcuta.

The Festival of Artisans will be held in Parque Fondadors, the former communications park, and will include the participation of craftsmen and artisans belonging to the various operations and projects developed by the Office of the Mayor of Cúcuta, with the aim of advertising for many of their products among those distinguished by the ampresso, the goldsmith and the leatherworker, among others.

“These spaces strengthen creative processes inherited from generation to generation, which contribute to nurturing and glorifying the identity of who we are and what we know how to do; it also highlights the importance of stimulating and promoting the economic revitalization of the sector within the framework of the orange economy,” said Olga Patricia Omania, Minister of Culture and Tourism.

On Saturday, March 19, San Jose Day, Mayor Jairo Yánez will impose buttons on all artisans and craftsmen participating in the festival, to glorify and recognize this traditional cultural trade, capable of preserving and transmitting the cultural values ​​of our identity. This, in addition, generates income and jobs for more than one million people in Colombia.

“These marketing activities allow craftsmen to increase their income, gain appreciation from potential clients and allies, as well as connect with other entrepreneurs. In the same way, it is worth remembering the alliance with Artesanías de Colombia with which we have worked since last year to technically and entrepreneurially strengthen the participants in this sector .”

Francesca Fernandez, the craftsman’s representative before the Municipal Council of Culture, understands that the support of the Mayor’s Office and the Ministry of Culture has been so fundamental and valuable that craftsmen have spaces to display and sell their products.
From the Mayor’s Office of Cúcuta, all citizens are invited to visit, enjoy and purchase products made by artisans from Cúcuta, as a way to support and learn about the talent, creativity and productivity of the municipality.

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