Firefighters control the fire in the Giron del Vedado building

Firefighters control the fire in the Giron del Vedado building

Photography: Alberto Arrigo, Cuban journalist.

The fire that occurred on Saturday in the famous Giron building, located on Malecón and F, in Vedado, was brought under control by the Havana Fire Department. Shortly after noon, spots continued to appear, although the bulk of the fire was under control.

According to the Plaza de la Revolución Board of Directors, the fire occurred “in the fifth floor courtyard,” but as of the writing of this report, the causes of the fire were not known. The building contains 132 apartments in which 600 people live.

In the photos shared by the profile Cuban firefighters Vehicles from various leaderships were seen around the 17-storey building, which dates back to 1967. Smoke rose above the wooden walkway and became visible from different parts of the city.

Just after 1 p.m., according to journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso, firefighters were “exploring the building” while some “spots of fire” continued.

According to the local government, some residents were evacuated to a nearby Ministry of Tourism facility, as well as to the Grand Aston Hotel, where 190 residents (8 children and 2 disabled) were treated. Nothing needs medical attention.

Three people were reported to require medical care: due to heat stroke, Harold Rodriguez Avila, a firefighter, was in stable condition; Olivia Garcia Jimenez, a neighbor suffering from senile dementia, who showed “skin abrasions and bruises on the extremities” and Norma Perez Garcia, who was said to be “in good health.”

In total, seven people had to receive medical care, in addition to two firefighters who received oxygen in ambulances.

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According to him Blog Cuban architectureThe construction of this building goes to Antonio Quintana and Alberto Rodríguez Sorribas, with whom architecture and civil engineering students from the University of Havana and engineers Sixto Ruiz, Hugo Weinstock Rivas and César Rivero Lag collaborated.

The building consists of two towers, each consisting of 17 floors, separated by a group of elevators connected to the stairs by long horizontal circulation tubes. Small cabinets covered with porcelain stoneware protrude from the facade, which reduces the effect of the large screen in the towers, this source indicates.

The local government confirmed that many “economic and non-governmental actors” showed up “voluntarily and in solidarity” to care for the evacuated neighbors, providing them with ice, water and food.

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