Five signs your diet isn’t working | Health | magazine

Five signs your diet isn’t working |  Health |  magazine

What happens when you follow an eating plan and your body doesn’t change? These are some signs that your diet is not working.

If there is one thing people who have successfully lost and maintained weight have in common, it is that they have made a “lifestyle change”.

This generally includes a combination of portion control, limiting junk food in favor of healthy foods, and identifying factors that lead to overeating.

When people are looking for a “lifestyle change” they generally think of diet, which may mean following a restricted menu eaten with the goal of losing weight, the true meaning of diet is simply the food you eat.

If you are interested in being healthy, it is important to maintain a balanced diet. But what happens when your body doesn’t change no matter what you do? According to the gate Better with healthAnd These are some signs that your diet is not working.

Stay hungry all the time

Constant hunger throughout the day is not normal when you are on a weight loss diet. Although the eating plan is low in calories, it should be well-balanced and balanced in water, protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber to give enough satiety.

If your diet meets your needs and you suddenly starve yourself all the time, you may need to adjust your calories.

Waking up tired in the morning

When you don’t get the proper nutrients, your body will feel lethargic and drained. While other factors can create this feeling as well, it is not a good idea to question your diet first.

We often miss a particular nutrient without even realizing it. If your energy starts to drop, try writing down your food every day for a week to determine if you’ll get everything you need.

Snack between meals

Switching from cooked and processed foods to raw foods leads to cravings. But if it is kept all day and starts snacking in between meals, then it becomes a problem with weight control.

Care must be taken that the fat intake does not exceed what is calculatedBecause as some experts have described it, when it is consumed in excess, it results in changes in behaviour.

Not in the mood for exercise

If your workout plan is falling behind because you don’t dare to do it, you are probably running out of energy or eating too much fat. generally, Fruits and vegetables provide a type of sugar that gets absorbed quickly With extra calories for sports.

Fat eaten in excess can cause fatigue and impede the energy needed for physical activity. Therefore, you should not only check the consumption of fruits and vegetables, but also ensure that the energy from fat stays between 10 to 15% of the total calories.

You can’t maintain your ideal weight

This sign can indicate two things: that you are unable to lose excess weight or that you are losing too much weight. In the event that you are not able to shed those extra kilos, you should check your calorie intake as per your needs. You should also check if your lifestyle is helping in weight loss.

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On the other hand, if you lose more weight than recommended, you should check your exercise plan and Eat enough calories that you lose with the training program. Remember that you should not stop eating the main source such as fruits and vegetables. (I)

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