Who will win today’s election in Guatemala?

Who will win today’s election in Guatemala?

Guatemala held its second round of elections on Sunday, August 20. During the day, millions of Guatemalans gathered at polling stations to choose the country’s next ruler.

Sandra Torres from the National Unity of Hope (UNE) and Bernardo Arevalo from the Seed Movement are competing for the second election round.

After the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) officially announced the results of the first election round on June 25, 2023, both candidates went to the second round for the presidency.

Guatemala has been experiencing an electoral process that has been roiled by judicial actions in recent months.

Derived from the situation, this 2023 electoral process in Guatemala has attracted national and international attention, as well as organizations and various sectors that have called for respect for democracy in this Central American country.

After voting closed, preliminary results put Bernardo Arevalo in the lead by the number of votes.

The Preliminary Election Results Transmission System (TREP) processed more than 20,000 tally sheets, in which Arevalo beat UNE in votes.

The TREP organization regularly updates data on elections in Guatemala.

For this electoral process, 9 million 361 thousand 68 citizens of Guatemala were allowed to vote.

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