Fontanezi – “The kids should have their space first”

Fontanezi – “The kids should have their space first”

Matthias Fontanesi is already in the first week of basketball training with Team Sealy from El Tripol.

The new Primera coach, U 19 and U 17, who arrived in Trebolense from the hand of co-ordinator Ramiro Giannetti, said in an interview with this medium: “I am coping well. The first week was very positive and little by little we get to know each other with groups. Ramiro is very trustworthy and he’s one of the people I’m in Tripolense today for. He is very committed and provides a lot of comfort to work with like-minded people.

What did you see from the seed?

“I was seeing the players. We have 5 boys of 15 years old who are doing the morning workshop on individual technique and tactical technical training in the afternoon ».

the first

Regarding the first division that Fontanesi is managing from this year, the coach declared: “The idea is to keep the base last year and take back some of the local players who went missing last season and from there to determine what they need. From the team. I am satisfied with the first week on the job, but since we don’t have competition dates, one is unsure of the degree of investment in boosts we can get. We’ll see with the leaders what we need and we’ll do our best for the team.

“The players’ tendencies are enormous, ”he added. In the first week, I only trained with local players and I had a very good number, so I hope we will continue like this because in the future, the boys who train should have their space and they should earn the right to play in the first division. ”

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