How many words can dogs understand?

How many words can dogs understand?

On average, dogs understand 89 wordsBut a smart dog can double that number.

The above information was discovered thanks to scientific research conducted in Canada.

Here we tell you the most interesting data on this topic.

Chihuahuas understand many words (Photo: Pixabay)

dogs understand you

every owner dog You’ve tried to communicate with your pet, not just using training words like “sit.”

We usually talk to dogs, but often we don’t know how well they understand us.

according to Study conducted in CanadaSurveying 165 owners of dogs of different breeds, on average, dogs can understand 89 words.

In addition, a particularly intelligent dog that can understand what it looks like has been analyzed 215 words Total.

They follow orders

The authors of the research, conducted at Dalhousie University, found that Request #%s These are the words that dogs mostly understand.

They found that nearly all dogs reacted to their name, and most responded to commands such as “sit,” “come,” “down,” “hold,” “wait,” “no,” “ok” and “leave it.”

However, it is possible that dogs who understood more words did so by having more formal training than the rest.

Which dogs understand the most words?

When looking at dogs by breed, it is found that herding dogs, including the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, and German shepherd, miniatures, such as the bichon fries and the knight Charles spaniel and Chihuahua, respond to more words and phrases than other types of breeds.

Man’s best friend

According to Catherine Reeve and Sophie Jack, the researchers behind the study, the close relationship between dogs and humans allowed us to understand each other well.

The study could read that “pet dogs learned to respond to human verbal and nonverbal cues at a level unmatched by other species.”

Perhaps because of their role as a companion animal, dogs, according to the study, understand requests better.

“The study suggests that dogs may be particularly adept at responding to commands rather than objective words.”

However, they also understood words not related to commands, but undoubtedly commands were what they understood the most.

words they understand

According to the study, these are the words most dogs understand (although analyzed in English):

  • sat down
  • Friend
  • still
  • waiting
  • Yes
  • turn around
  • You wanna go home?
  • Farewell
  • where is he [inserte el nombre del objeto]?
  • go to the water
  • bone
  • He walks
  • Do you want to go for a walk?
  • poop
  • Water
  • You Hungry?
  • the mother
  • breakfast
  • squirrel
  • ball
  • Getting out of [inserta el nombre del objeto]
  • dog
  • who is that?
  • Go find a file [nombre del juguete]
  • without salt
  • come eat
  • don’t bite
  • inside
  • Go get it!
  • Under
  • Copega
  • room
  • dad
  • Never
  • Teddy bear
  • beautiful
  • Plato
  • I love you!
  • leave him alone
  • out of place
  • Kiss
  • Thanks!
  • Don’t eat it!
  • Plato
  • bathroom
  • Korea
  • Wide


The experts knew that the average domestic dog understood at least a few words, but they wanted to use a consistent methodology to calculate the average.

Less skilled dogs

According to the study, the dogs that were not good at understanding words were Bloodhounds (Beagle, Whippet, and Afghani Hound), Watchdogs (Bernese Mountain Dog, Boxer, Can Corso), Terrier (American Staffordshire, Manchester) and (American) Spaniel Hounds Cocker Spaniel, English Setter, and Golden Retriever).

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Researchers acknowledge that dogs can learn to respond to specific words and phrases in certain ways, without responding according to their actual meaning.

They also confirmed that they all lived with their owners for more than three years.

And you, how many words do you think your tenderloin understands? Also, remember to feed him well.

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