FraterTalk #17: Mental Health: Make it visible and de-stigmatize

FraterTalk #17: Mental Health: Make it visible and de-stigmatize

Fratertalks Fratertalks is organizing a new edition of Fratertalks, this time to talk about mental health, which is an increasingly prevalent health problem because according to the latest European Health Survey in Spain (EESE) conducted in 2020, some of the key findings in mental health were:

  • Among the most common mental health problems are anxiety and depression.
  • 5.84% of the population aged 15 years or older declared to have chronic anxiety, 3.50% of men and 8.06% of women.
  • A diagnosis of depression is indicated in 5.28%. Like anxiety, the incidence of depression in adults is more than double that of women (7.22%) than that of men (3.23%).
  • 10.86% of the population aged 15 years or older reported having used a sedative, relaxer, or sleeping pill in the last two weeks (14.19% of women and 7.35% of men) and 4.52% of antidepressants or stimulants (6.33% of women and 2.6% of women) of men)).

With this data, it is necessary to make the community visible and aware of mental health problems, and to speak about them naturally because the motto of the Ministry of Health says “Let’s normalize what can happen to anyone”.

Save the date on your agenda, that’s next December 17 at 10 am To attend Fratertalk who will be in the name Mental health: highlighting and removing stigma. And where will we get? Sarah Reese Martin, an expert psychologist in family and systemic therapy and a pre-doctoral researcher at IBIMA (Institute for Biomedical Research of Malaga).

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