From basketball to the NFL: Latino Samis Reyes is the new player of the Washington Soccer Team

From basketball to the NFL: Latino Samis Reyes is the new player of the Washington Soccer Team

basket ball player Samis Reyes He will be the next player to move from this system to NFL. It was known that he had signed a contract with Washington Soccer Team To start his football career.

Reyes grew up in Chile until the age of 14 and went to live in the United States, where he played for North Broward Prep in Florida.

Football coaches begged Reyes To practice both sports, and even underwent some narrow final practices.

However, in the end, He thought his future in basketball was, And injury on the soccer field will hinder your chances on the next level.

Only after playing frugally at Tulane for two seasons did Reyes give soccer a legitimate opportunity.

“I wanted to go to the NBA; this was my dream throughout my childhood, and of course, it never happened,” Reyes said. “So when I was 23 years old, my current agent, my family and close friends told me, ‘You should give this soccer ball a chance. You’re fast, you’re strong, you are. You’re strong.’ He said, ‘So my friends, my best friend and everyone around me convinced me to give it a try. “.

Reyes’ shot to the NFL was supposed to have come through Track International Player Programa It aims to give athletes the opportunity to compete at a professional level. Reyes, along with 10 others, spent the past 10 weeks training at the IMG Academy in Florida, then rehearsed in front of Scouts on Florida Professionals’ Day on March 31.

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Players in the program will be assigned points to teams in a randomly chosen division. ( Washington received defensive line agent David Bada a year ago). If these players do not enter the list of 53 players after training camp, the designated teams will receive an exemption from the coaching squad to keep them throughout the season.

However, Reyes was so impressive during his professional day that scouts in Washington decided to arrest him before the show ended.

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