IRIS or how to convert your office into a video conferencing space

IRIS or how to convert your office into a video conferencing space

according to a study From the Másfamilia Foundation, 68% of Spaniards support the hybrid model between remote work and the office. To solve this challenge and improve the way workers organize meetings and video conferences, trust Just introduced IRIS, a comprehensive all-in-one solution that turns any space into a professional video conference room. Instantly easy-to-install, the device provides the perfect connection between the people in the meeting room and all the remote participants.

Iris is compatible with solutions such as Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, among others, and its wide-angle lens, and its array of microphones allow for meetings between 2 to 8 people seated at a safe distance. IRIS also includes a plug and play feature, which means it can be up and running in seconds.

IRIS ClearView technology delivers sharp, high-resolution images with a single camera 4K Ultra HD An interactive experience with a wide viewing angle for 120 ° digital zoom. Optional settings include speaker tracking, where the camera rotates, tilts and zooms automatically at the person speaking.

With th ‘Manual mode’ You have complete control over the pan and the camera zoom, and if there are multiple people in the meeting, the Participant Mode It takes care of automatically adjusting the camera to frame it all. In addition, with ClearView technology, you can choose between artificial and natural lighting, ensuring the best possible image quality.

On the other hand, it’s own technology Clearsound Includes high quality audio amplifier optimized for acoustic sound. The built-in array of microphones has a pickup range of up to 5 meters that can be expanded with external microphones. In addition, this technology uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that ensures that every participant’s voice is clearly audible, regardless of where they are. The noise canceling function ensures that ambient sound does not disturb meetings.

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IRIS is currently priced at 799 € and is available at retailers such as Amazon.

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