From Entrepreneur to Actor: Emilio Azcárraga Jean, President of Grupo Televisa, Will Do Comedy Show | Algebraic

From Entrepreneur to Actor: Emilio Azcárraga Jean, President of Grupo Televisa, Will Do Comedy Show |  Algebraic

Mexico City. – After the premiere of the new comedy tape on Las Estrellas, it is rumored that Emilio Azcaraga Jean, Grupo Televisa President, will be showing in Season 6 of “40 y 20”.

Last Monday, the new program “Noche de Buenas” on Las Estrellas began with programs that will appear for the first time on television such as “Tic Tac Toc: El Reencuentro” and series that will air the first season, such as “40. p.20”.

The stars of the series George Van Rankin, “The Donkey”, Who plays Baku, a divorced man who lives with his son, Frank. Mauricio Garza And that they face a series of situations in the company of other characters performed by other comedians, such as Michelle Rodriguez and Armando Hernandez.

Season 6 kicks off this Tuesday, and according to what Juan Jose Origil said in his column “Vida y Milagros”, some pictures have already been leaked for some of the seasons where Grupo Televisa boss appears and explains his performance reasons.

Well, I really went over the info with everything and photos of Mister Emilio Azcárraga Jean’s participation in this production. President Grupo Televisa’s participation is due to the trend in countries like the United States for important CEOs to appear on comedy shows, “ He said.

The program commentator noted that the participation made by Jan Azkaraga in the successful comedy program directed and represented by Eugenio Derbez, “XHDRBZ”, in 2004.

He stressed that in “40 and 20”, the businessman will participate in a football case and a struggle that will be “Baku”. The class is supposed to contain a good message and a life lesson.

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Another participant Emilio Azcara Jane saw in his role as “actor” was in the series “Club de Cuervos” on Netflix, where he presented himself as the owner of the football team “Club America”.

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