“Mbappé is doing a quiet job, but you can see the option to come to Madrid”

“Mbappé is doing a quiet job, but you can see the option to come to Madrid”

Hugo Sanchez Has gone through the microphones “El Larguro” from Catena SER In between this Wednesday’s game Liverpool Y Real Madrid In the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Vinicius: “He has a lot of quality and talent, but he’s not accurate on the last pass. He’s a Vinicius before and after Liverpool. He could be a crack, but if he were his coach I would have an hour to train the shot towards the two hour goal. If you have ten chances, you should get ten points. He should improve. “

The arrival of Cristiano: “It’s complicated for everyone.”

Mbappé or Haaland: “Holland has the best young scorer and can play with Mbappé and Benzema. There must be a way to keep both Madrid (Mbappé and Haaland)”.

Neymar: “If he had played in every game at this level he would be the best player in the world. Every player has his moment. Messi is recovering his greatness. Mbappé is doing a quiet job, but you can see the desire to come to Madrid now.”

Parsia: “Barcelona are halfway out if they don’t win the Commonwealth Cup”.

Zidane as coach“I want him to continue because he deserves it. He’s always been very questionable. We all started that way, but it takes time. In Madrid he had patience with Zidane.”

Ramos update: “Hopefully renewal, this is a symbol. This epidemic has made changes.

Ida: “I loved this, it was a great game for Madrid. They had to win yes or no. They played with speed and accuracy. Penalty Salah’s goal, the only clear chance he scored. That goal hurt me.”

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Benzema: “When Cristiano left, he had to take charge. My favorite thing is that he’s enjoying himself now. He’s doing movements he’s not.”

Best Benzema or Hugo Sanchez: “Putraguo played Benzema. Benzema needs another killer.”

League: “By thinking I want Madrid, but by Atletico qualification. If it loosens up, there are two beasts to catch it. The Madrid calendar is favorable.”

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