From “Hope we can classify the Libertadores” to his health

From “Hope we can classify the Libertadores” to his health

With the return of victory after five confrontations against Onion, independent He hit 48 points on the annual table and is excited to qualify for the Libertadores. And Reed, who is eighth and gets a ticket to South America, has narrowed the distance with several of those outselling him. “We are in the last part and we have to score points anyway. Hopefully we can rank the Libertadores”Julio Falcioni wished.

Falcioni in the last match he led against Sarmiento.

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Cologne is the only one that has an insured place To devote to the Pro League Cup. River, who is more captain than ever, could be second in two dates if he can turn around in this tournament. after, after, Vélez (62), Talleres (53) and Boca (52) take the three places given by this table and the dreamed place of the Independiente, which contains Estudiantes (49) and Lanús (50) above.

That is, the King of Cups must beat Pincha, Grana and Strip Xeneize, who will face him in this last section and who has only four points, while there are still 24 points left. Note that there may also be a little help: if Boca OT, who have reached the semi-finals, win the Argentine Cup, a quota will be issued. Now, these are the competitors left by Red: Newell’s (V), Arsenal (L), Central Córdoba (V), mouth (L)Banfield (5th), San Lorenzo (left) and workshops (V), another direct duel.

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Independiente will seek to return to play the biggest continental competition, which was the most profitable with seven wins, after three years of absence, with many children from the quarry. DT commented with La Red: “We wanted to give him more time to mature and calm down and support him, but hey, we have to kick them out on the court.” “We have to achieve the goal of entering the cup.”, Julio voiced the teams’ minutes at TyC Sports. He has a clear goal and that is to bring the King of Cups back into the international arena.

obsessed with copying.

The man who made Independiente win again after five dates.

The man who made Independiente win again after five dates.

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Julio Falcioni spoke about the health problem he suffers from, which he was not present at the Libertadores de América, in his team’s victory over Unión. “I had a fever for three days and because they couldn’t get it down with medication, the doctor took me for a CT scan and said I had early onset pneumonia.The emperor reassured.

Later, DT said “I struggled watching the game at home” and added of his current condition with TyC Sports: “I still have a fever. I’m taking antibiotics and resting because they told me otherwise everything would get worse.” And Belusa, who had already won several battles, wished: “I hope you don’t grow up.”

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Significant up and down against Newell’s

Think of Newell’s. Independiente will return on Wednesday morning to train at Villa Domenico after the victory over Union and already prepare for the next match: on Sunday, from 6 pm, against Libra in Rosario. Omar Piccoli, as in the match against Tate due to Falcioni’s health problem, will be in charge of training.

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Rojo’s coaching staff will not be able to count on three players to take on those led by Adrián Taffarel (for poor campaign). The first is White Sunday, who was expelled on Monday in the Libertadores de América. What is more, It’s confirmed Ayrton Costa and Lucas Rodriguez have torn hamstrings and orthopedic soles, respectively.

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While Alan Velasco met on the comment date Because it has reached the fifth yellow and will appear again. It is likely that he will play a hitch again in place of Alan Sue Senora.

In any case, the American can remain in the team by retreating and occupying the gap left by Blanco. That is, the double five formed with Lucas Romero. Thomas Pozzo, the 21-year-old who had a good start against Tate, could also go in at 11 and leave him off the field. Secondly, Brian Martinez asks for an idea after his goal. Will he go in for Rodrigo Marquez?

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