Giant Centrifuge SpinLaunch Will Launch Satellites Into Space At Speeds Of Up To 7000 km/h Without The Need For Rockets | Technique

Giant Centrifuge SpinLaunch Will Launch Satellites Into Space At Speeds Of Up To 7000 km/h Without The Need For Rockets |  Technique

A video clip shows us how a giant centrifuge sends satellites into space, preventing them from needing a rocket. We tell you why it’s an excellent idea,

SpinLaunch has created a file Giant centrifuge to send satellites into space without the need for a missile on their side.

This company managed to generate a centrifuge with this power Capable of sending it into space at speeds of over 1,600 km/h And that according to the latest tests and videos they showed us, it works fine.

This system It will save us a lot of special garbagebecause it will avoid the use of missiles by companies that launch satellites, and this, in addition to reducing pollution, is a huge saving.

like that Container He is already evaluating the use of this method with SpinLaunch for future launches of its satellites in the very near future.

SpinLaunch, in turn, wants to improve its centrifuge system To exceed the speed of Mach 6, which is equivalent to 7408.8 km / halthough this is currently unlikely.

In the video presented by the company, they were able to launch a satellite at a speed of 1,609 km / h, similar to Mach 1.3) and It reaches a height of 9,150 meters.

Elon Musk and his company SpaceX are dissatisfied and plan to launch 52 missions in 2022

Many have discussed The possibility of using this type of system to launch people into spacebut unfortunately something like that would be impossible, and for good reason.

The human body is able to withstand up to a force of 9 grams for a few seconds, this body is well trained. This SpinLaunch Generates a force of up to 10,000 gWhich is why it’s an option we rarely see in the very distant future.

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It is interesting to see this type of work, which highlights the importance being given to the ability not only to investigate more into space, but also cost saving Above all, Ending high pollution That the launch of missiles and satellites ensues.

One of the main values ​​of SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk, is not only the ability to conduct commercial flights to Mars, but also its ability to return to Earth independently and the ability to reuse it, which Generates minimal pollution And that would be brutal.

We are waiting to show you more videos and information regarding this new method of putting satellites into orbit, and we will be eagerly waiting for NASA to show you their video tests of this system, which will surely be used in a few years by default instead of missiles..

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