From Qatar, Mariazel triumphs with her shorts in the middle of the desert

From Qatar, Mariazel triumphs with her shorts in the middle of the desert

Mariazel He enjoys the adventures he offers Qatarbecause although it was for business reasons, the driver was able to do a few rounds in the country, like this time He went into the desert There is a series of Pictures he conquered with short shorts that complement her casual look. In this way, the TV star is once again crowned the queen of styleBecause he constantly confirms it He knows very well how to wear this kind of clothes.

Presenter meets the team TUDN In the Qatar World Cup 2022 distance Mexican national team And other delegations seeking to lift this year’s cup. Although he is working, there are times when he takes time to go on guided tours and get to know this symbolic place full of contradictions, luxuries and a lot of culture; For this reason, he went to the desert where he had an adventure that he documented on his Instagram stories.

Mariazel triumphs with Sahara shorts

Although a member ofI fall laughingHe did not specify his exact whereabouts. Yes, he showed off his casual look And it’s perfect to wear in this kind of climate, because you have to remember that even though it’s winter Qatar temperatures are above 25 degrees, so it is important to be fresh. And for that, Mariazel She chose white short shorts, which she learned about the style of women over 40, who also like to wear short clothes.

Mariazel shines in Desierto shorts. Photo: Screenshot

The actress also shared some stories with her More than 3.6 million followers from the platform Goal in which he appears to have merged the short piece with orange blouseMaking Perfect contrast with a light tone, which makes an ideal combination for stealing glances, not only on social networks, but also in the Arab country, where although there are many Restrictions on the women of your nationTourists are allowed to wear the clothes of their choice.

Mariazel Ollie He learned that she had arrived at the place on a camel and that she had later entered much higher than a lorry, as it drove around where nothing else could be seen but sand. In fact, in one of her videos, the presenter confirmed that she became dizzy because of the immensity of the desert and the unevenness that existed, an experience that we are sure was unforgettable for her and her companions, who also had this adventure.

Although Zell, as his friends and followers affectionately call him, is very happy to be at the World Cup, it wasn’t all so pleasant, Well, a few days ago he shared a video in which he broke down in tears when told he saw a cat get hit by a car: “I can’t believe there are people like this.”voiced by Driver in the clip in which she clearly appears, as she is an animal lover.

Photo: Private, the driver shows her casual look

anyway Mariazel Known for being part of the “dysfunctional family” of “I fell laughingThe presenter also distinguished himself in sports programmes, So it is not surprising that he participated in the FIFA World Cup, at any Mexican national teamHe hopes to pass the group stage, because he was tied with him Poland his next rival, ArgentinaAnd the lost vs Kingdom Saudi Arabiaso you can still aspire to be in a better position in the table to qualify.

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