Gustavo Petro: Analysis of the president’s first speech – government – politics

Gustavo Petro: Analysis of the president’s first speech – government – politics

President Gustavo Petro addressed the nation for the first time on Wednesday evening via all television channels.

He did so a little over a month after arriving at Casa de Nariño and at a time when the public discussion centered on Gasoline high and the future of pensionTopics he deleted in his speech.

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“It is possible that his advisors recommended him avoiding them to avoid further controversy or because he honestly decided to focus on the regions, which is one of his deepest concerns,” says an analyst he consulted for this newspaper.

“This is a government for the people, for everyone, no matter which corner of Colombia they were born in, what was their last name or who they voted for (…). We set out on a tour of the country, to go where governments have not been before,” he said in his speech that went on Six minutes, which was recorded in the morning, in The Plaza de Armas Palace. For this reason, flashing in the chosen scenario.

The chief was wearing a burgundy shirt, a loose-fitting gray jacket, and no tie. “The apparent intent to show him as just another Colombian, an ordinary person, is clear.‘ says the expert.

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What is petro letter reading?

The answers vary. “We saw a different environment than we’re used to with this kind of intervention by the head of state,” he says. Daniela Garzon is a political researcher and researcher at the Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation. “As we have already seen, Pietro is not a man who likes relationships and excessive sobriety, as well as the fact that he was registered in broad daylight and not in the president’s office,” she argues.

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However, too much of the casual attribute can cause the opposite effect, as is considered Political analyst Pedro Viveros. “The chroma key of the speech, like the official image of the president, is unusual and less formal because the sometimes distorted image of the background makes the letter lose, which is important in the speech,” he says.

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What yes there is consensus on the form is the briefness of the message, which was only six minutes. He says, “The presidential speech is flawless.” Professor Jairo Liberos, University of Externado, Colombia.

“President Gustavo Petro has understood the power of immediacy in building short and powerful messages that allow the majority to understand the complex from simple dynamics”, asserts, for his part, Expert in political communication Carlos Arias. “Since discourse to audiences and SMS editing are useful, developments in context and depth will have to come later,” he adds.

Already in the scenario of the content of what the president said, there are also different points of view. “The fund is the government’s fulfillment of the election campaign promise to set the pillars of the development plan. It is the populist left’s version of Uribism’s democratic workshops, which was right-wing populism‘ says Viveros.

While Professor Lieberros is of the opinion that “the political message of the binding regional dialogues, as an expression of citizen participation, promotes deliberative democracy and will give popular legitimacy to the regional dialogues. National Development Planwhich has become an exclusive practice approved by some experts or the head of government in Congress without sufficient debate among the citizens.”

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In this same line, chief Board of Directors of the National Federation of Departments Hector Olympo Espinosawho believes that “this declaration unequivocally recognizes that Colombia is the sum of all its regions, and for the first time, the country is no longer considered since the 13th with 26th race in Bogotá (the headquarters of the DNP) and all information will be collected in the territory, where the urgent needs are located”.

Binding Regional Dialogues: What are they?

It is the populist left’s version of Uribism’s democratic workshops, which was right-wing populism

“This is a very realistic and constructive proposal that brings together nearly 50 regions of the country which, without a doubt, will allow the construction of A real national development plan adapted to real needs“Thinking about the social, economic and geographical diversity in every corner of the country,” said the Sucre Governor.

“The announcement of the regional dialogues to build the National Development Plan is a fundamental change in how this document was drafted in previous governments, Prioritize 50 provinces, many of which have serious problems related to security, poverty and access to public servicesamong other difficulties, because the construction of these documents is usually the prerogative of DNP technicians”, says Daniela Garzon.

For her, Petro wants to keep the idea of ​​an “open door” government, but as a director DNP, Jorge Evan GonzalezIn order for these dialogues to succeed and not remain a conversation, it is necessary The actors involved understand that it is really impossible for all people to see their demands reflected in a national development plan And that a document can be expected that attempts to collect a large part of it and that which is in the same direction as the government plan that Petro presented in the campaign.

Gustavo Petro

But Is it possible, with urgent necessities on the table, to draw up general policies for the government to leave 50 points of national geography? “I think it is important that conversations and dialogues not become a kind of obsession with talk for talk, but rather be limited, and while taking into account citizen participation, the government is clear that what is more expected of announcements are solutions that allow clear paths to address the multiple challenges that Colombia faces ‘, says the political scientist.

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It also leaves the topic of gravity very important. “The question remains what Petro understands it through social, economic and environmental justice.”


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