From the first man in space to the first man on the moon

From the first man in space to the first man on the moon

Sunday roast.

Starting in 2021 with rage, rage caused by the adrenaline shots of the previous year (2020). A year of uncertainty and doubts and an atmosphere without exact answers, only with an abundance of these in the environment, yes, all colored by qualities and nuances.

One of the attendees at the meeting in front of the grill. “They gave me the best, it seems not everyone will do the same.” These visions in those first months of vaccination.

Of course there have been months of rushing and haste driven by the self-preservation instinct that lies in the obvious “pause”. Immediately, everyone’s very unique prequalification on possible options, a battle that transcends the domain of “branding”.

We’ve seen how each brand has positioned itself, first because of its origin, and secondly because of the social and, sometimes, political impact of the country in which the vaccine was developed.

The data on the growth and position of the brands that developed the vaccine is clear, and it is a reshaping of the world’s brand hierarchy.

Today, this rearrangement is seen little in the traditional forums. Perhaps for this reason, some of them are undergoing a profound restructuring, accelerating transformations which, although they were planned, showed them the phenomenon of the epidemic a shortcut to those unexplored spaces at this point in time.

Barbecue conversations remain, at this time invaded by a kind of ‘pre-truth’, a concept so intangible that we all, in some way, carry our consciousness to a greater and lesser extent and put us to one side or the other, between the ‘reds and the blues’. , if we only want to calculate the small distance in the seas as the Bering distance, similar to The distance between Toluca and Mexico City.

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The controversy over brands may rise in the coming years due to their attempts to place themselves in the minds of those of us who live on both sides of every sea and the geographic boundaries that separate us.

Indeed, these spaces, getting increasingly narrow, will oppose little or nothing to the millions of commuters climbing invisible highways, from the already existing metaverse, to which we will be permanently invited to enter day and night, but above all from click On click.

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