Gabriel Jesus: The Manchester City striker has learned to be like Sergio Aguero | football news

Gabriel Jesus: The Manchester City striker has learned to be like Sergio Aguero |  football news

Gabriel Jesus believes he will learn to become a “suitable striker” like Sergio Aguero, Manchester City’s all-time goalscorer who will leave the club at the end of the season.

Jesus, who turns 24 on Saturday, has not fully reached a staggering 13 goals in 19 matches that started his career with City in 2016-2017, but he still has scored 28 goals in 44 goals, starting with two and a half goals. Seasons since then.

Aguero – admitted by Jesus “the best player in club history” – proved difficult to transfer to the Brazilian international.

But Jesus, the only other ninth seed for City, believes he can develop into a more superior striker like his teammate.

“I can learn a little bit [from him] But he is a better striker than me, he scored more than me, “Jesus said Sky Sports News.

“He goes to the field and scores goals, he is more of a striker than me, I can say that because I work with him every day and I play with him a lot.

“When we play together, I score, score two, score two, and score three. I think I will learn a lot in these coming years to become a suitable striker to score a lot.”

Erling Haaland and Danny Ings are on Manchester City’s list of potential replacements for Aguero, but Jesus insists he “doesn’t feel any pressure”.

He scored 23 goals last season and while he is still determined to beat that number this season, he is more interested in City winning the Premier League title for the fifth time in 10 years.

I know I have to score to help my team score goals because the strikers get away with the goals, but I came here to try to score every game, but sometimes it’s not like that.

Gabriel Jesus

“It’s tough because I have to score more than 10, 15 goals, and there are still 15/16 games left, but if we win titles, I don’t care about goals,” he says. “I’m interested in celebrating with my team-mates at the end of the season.”

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“The pressure for me is for the guy to wake up early to put food at home, not to play football. I know I have to score to help my team score goals because the forwards get away with goals, but I came here to try and score every game, but sometimes not,” he adds. It is like this. “

He has some way to go to match Aguero’s numbers.

Sergio Aguero Manchester City has scored the most goals in the Premier League since joining the club in 2011

Not only has Aguero ahead of any other player since his debut in the Premier League, he is not particularly close. Harry Kane comes behind with 21 goals with 160 goals, but the next man on the list after him is Jimmy Vardy – around 66 goals behind the Argentine.

Aguero has scored his 181 goals in the Premier League, averaging one goal every 108 minutes. Once again, Kane comes close to matching that, scoring once every 122 minutes, but no one really can compete. By all accounts, he has been the premier striker in the competition over the past decade.

Jesus admits that he must change his playing style to present higher figures.

“I have to go more in the penalty area, sometimes I don’t go in the penalty area, which is why I don’t score much, because usually if I see the best strikers at the moment, they all go to the penalty area, they go outside the box to create it and then they go to the box.” As he says.

“Not me, I think my football is – I go outside the box, I do with my friends and I wait for the goal. Sometimes I go and score a goal, but I have to keep in mind that when I get there, I score.”

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Gundogan: We still keep it for a few weeks

Ilkay Gundogan revealed he still felt “goose bumps” when watching Aguero’s most famous goal in City jersey – when he claimed the club’s first league title in 44 years with his last kick in the 2011/12 season.

Premier League, Manchester City-Queens Park Rangers, Etihad Stadium, Manchester City's celebration of Sergio Agüero scoring the winning goal (Photo by Ed Garvey / Manchester City FC via Getty Images)


Relive the greatest moment in Sergio Aguero’s career with Manchester City, as he won the title with his last kick in the 2011/2012 season.

This resulted in the first of four Premier League titles in the Premier League in Aguero’s 10 years in City – and the club will likely add their fifth title before leaving Aguero at the end of the season.

“I think he has done incredible things,” Gundogan said. “He has contributed so much to Manchester City being now where they are – where we are now.

“I always feel goosebumps when I watch it (goal against QPR to win the Premier League title in 2012), too, with the original commentary.

“But we still have for a few weeks and at the most important time of the season, so of course we hope that now we can also continue to make his contribution and then we can finish the season with maximum success.”

Who will succeed Aguero in City?

Harry Kane Erling Haaland Graphic
Could Harry Kane or Erling Haaland land the favorite number 10 jersey for Manchester City next season?

Who will replace the club’s historic goalscorer in Al Ittihad?

City has learned that Aguero’s time has been drawing to a close for some time. The 32-year-old has scored only one goal in the Premier League this season and has only come out in 11 league matches since the start of 2020.

Forward planning for the club, led by football manager Texiki Begiristein and chairman Khaldoun Al Mubarak, has seen City win four Premier League titles in the past eight years, with a fifth expected before Aguero’s departure.

But arguably, no player has had City to replace him yet, he has had the effect of Aguero – who has scored nearly a quarter of his Premier League goals over the past decade.

So who is in the frame to climb up and become the next leading man in the Federation?

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