Galilea Montejo admits she left Televisa in an Eva outfit

Galilea Montejo admits she left Televisa in an Eva outfit

Strong Verses!, Beautiful Galilea Montego She revealed in the middle of Hoy that she left Televisa in an Eva outfit. The beloved morning host made her confession in a full broadcast.

Martha Galilea Montego It was a mistake revealing the name of the famous people who will be part of your face that looks familiar to me when it was beautiful Driver From Today He admitted that he was deeply affected by the earthquake that occurred last Thursday and this was the reason for his mistake.

Andrea Legareta told Fernando’s wife Reina that she did not even have time to be afraid, because she was still held outside Televisa and was in a hurry; However, they joked about the need for Bolillo to be bullied.

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Galilea Montego She admitted that she “knocked” the earthquake in the dressing room when she was due to get dressed, so she went out “as God brought her into the world,” with very little clothes upon listening for the seismic warning to quickly reach safety on the outskirts of TV.

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Galilea Montejo admits she left Televisa dressed as Eva. Photo: Instagram.

On the other hand, Raoul Ariza participated in last Thursday Today’s program So they can be more organized when they go out and share with their audience what was happening at the time, a situation that didn’t happen the last time they had an event like this, because the morning was on the air and everyone quickly left to safety, little by little they were explaining to their audience what happened .

Fortunately, the authorities assert, the March 3 earthquake did not have significant repercussions in Mexico; However, it was a powerful intimidation for many regions of the country.

Only on Thursday was Hoy’s show and more specifically, Andrea Legarreta making headlines after confirming that Galilea partner Montijo was responsible for stopping the planned changes in the morning.

According to YouTube channel El Chacaleo, Legarreta could have intervened with top Televisa executives to prevent Televisa’s morning star from changing the product and more specifically, to prevent the departure of his friend and colleague Galilea Montijo.

They confirmed that Andrea Legarreta would demand continuity of Andrea Rodriguez as a producer, leaving Alexis Nunez “in his “loud clothes” and halting several changes, as it was rumored that he plans to completely renew Hoy’s crew, leaving only Legarita and Tania Rincon permanent if they agree to a pay cut.

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