Our History Space – Comment

Our History Space – Comment

Remembering the passing and legacy of those who have occupied the office of the President of the University of Colima since 1940, the Board of Directors meeting room of the Central Campus’ main building is a repository of medals illustrating and honoring former deans. It is a space that proudly displays the history of the institution.

It is a special place, because in these works, the product of creativity of Mr. Rafael Zamariba, the development of the University is reflected. This helps us to remember our roots and to consider each stage of the highest study in the entity.

Our former mayors, and promoters of the university movement, each in his own time and with their management, have been keen on strengthening, progressing and developing our institution, as well as preserving the two fundamental values ​​in the daily life of the University of Colima: unity and loyalty. The university movement is shaped and grown by them.

For our loyalty and unity alma mater It strengthens its independence year after year and allows its community to focus on knowledge generation, scientific development and technological innovation. These are our great tasks.

By recognizing the Rector of the University as its born leader, our institution strengthens its independence, sees itself strongly in solving challenges and crises, and ensures its ability to manage and manage all kinds of resources with the sole aim of maintaining its pace of work, which always translates into benefits for Colima and Mexico.

Those who have taken on the task of guiding us over more than eight decades recognize us as united, loyal and proud undergraduate students, willing to support the academic purposes of the institution, which we honor, champion and respect. Thanks to this we can continue to give to the community to which we owe ourselves, solidary graduates, professionally prepared to compete in a globalized environment.

Gratitude, then, makes us greater institutionally. Thank you to former university president José Eduardo Hernández Nava because, as university president Cristian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeno said during the unveiling of the corresponding medal in the university president’s board room, in 2013-2021 he defended our independence, he sought different unity that supported university sectors to renew the model Institutional educational and organizational structure through organizational improvement in the academic, administrative and labor fields; Thank you for circumventing a change in the country’s political system, budget austerity for all study centers nationwide, and the first waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all this, he has managed to maintain stability and governance at UdeC.

It is clear then that being an undergraduate means much more than just working or studying at a higher level institution; Being a college student means continuing to work with a lot of creativity, discretion and patience to build a more humane, supportive and just world; It obligates us to continue the appropriate training of professionals who are changing our environment.

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