Gallus Blancos 1-0 Atlas; At the last minute, da Costa scored a great goal

Gallus Blancos 1-0 Atlas;  At the last minute, da Costa scored a great goal

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The penultimate game of Round 2And the atlas Visit Queretaro In a game it means more Goalkeeper duel of two teams.

Camilo Vargas He defended his arc to avoid defeat, saving a penalty and another pair of direct shots, But Francisco da Costa The last moment ended with his beating Hence the victory was given to White rooster 1-0.

It was the first time Gallus and the Foxes split the Possession Record, although the visit was a little longer. Milton Caraglio He was one of the key players to put Ruiz on the test, and the goalkeeper responded very well to every attempt by the Argentine to open the scoring.

Hector Altamirano Eleven sent with eight changes compared to the end of last week, only Luis Madrigal, Angel Seplveda, and Antonio Valencia Repeat. It was difficult for the local team, but already in the final stage of the first half they had a position more in the Guadalajara region and even He won a pro penalty after drawing Anderson Santamaría a Hugo Silvera.

Only the striker took the ball to collect it. At the bottom, Vargas guessed the shot and saved it To go to the dressing room with zeros on the scoreboard.

Once back, the Roosters took control of Atlas. Altamirano couldn’t open the bolt, Valencia was the key and served from midfield, but he also chose to try from outside the area. In one of his attempts, Vargas envisioned as a hero thanks to a brilliant flight to prevent the ball from entering the net.

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When it all looked like there would be a point distribution, da Costa appeared with a great goal. A shot from the edge of the region ended with the annihilation of Vargas’ wall. Da Costa entered the stock exchange, until, Jose Ramirez, Who helped him get onto the field, his first ball was goal.

Without more The match ended and Gallus won his first, and the foxes still didn’t add At the start of Guard1anes 2021.

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