Mexico’s headquarters for the 2026 World Cup are at risk of discriminatory yelling

Mexico’s headquarters for the 2026 World Cup are at risk of discriminatory yelling

FIFA President Jon de Luisa has indicated that there is a possibility that the country will lose its place in the organization of the World Cup due to anti-gay chants.

head رئيس Mexican Football FederationAnd the one of luisa, that headquarters world Cup From 2026, which will participate Mexico With the United States and Canada, in danger, Because An anti-gay crythat caused FIFA sanctions against mexican national team.

“There is a big risk [de perder la sede del 2026]If it doesn’t end now, How would we like to host the World CupIf we had empty playgrounds, This must end nowright Now “ one of luisa at a press conference.

Places World Cup 2026 They are still being evaluated and until the end of 2021 they will be officially announced, because there are still cities in the United States competing for a match on the Globalism This is conceivable in five years.

highlights that GuadalajaraJalisco, is one of the Places to think about for 2026 And it’s just the case that he started the scream that is now causing problems for mexican national team.

So far, The Mexican national team was punished with two veto matches and a fine of 1.5 million pesos, in order to Anti-gay cries that was heard in some of the games played by Mexico in CONCACAF before the Olympics.

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For this, you can still add a penalty to the match in which it is Tricolor in Texas, the United States, because FIFA has launched an investigation and FMF is collaborating to clarify what happened in that post.

We were also notified today that another investigation is being processed in connection with the match against Iceland‘, sentenced one of luisa.



Fines, points reduction, and non-participation in competitions

Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey are expected to host World Cup 2026, if the anti-gay outcry allows it.

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