“Political space has run out”

“Political space has run out”

January 18, 2021 – 08:25 am


It’s official now. Angela Maria Robledo left the side of the Human Colombia organization for senator and former presidential candidate Gustavo Pietro, who accompanied her in 2018 as his candidate for vice president.

On Monday, Robledo officially announced a decision he had already made since last year, when several sectors, especially the green ones, asked him to resign from Human Colombia and to be one of the presidential candidates for that party. Robledo started to resist in various sectors of Petrism as he accompanied Claudia Lopez in the 2019 elections.

In his resignation speech, Robledo thanked Petro, but indicated that he no longer had the ability to act within the party, “In 2018 with a hopeful program, we formed the second political force in the country. Today, due to circumstances, actions, omissions and unwarranted silence, I feel left without A political space in Colombia, Humana decided to resign. “

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He expresses his full gratitude to those who believed in Colombia’s Humana proposal and Petro’s ambition and ambition, while saying “Today I will look for new ways to continue the feminization of politics: collective and transformational leadership from the hand of citizenship.”

For Robledo, the change the country requires is with women, and he also suggests that he must work with and with an agenda built with and with women, proposing pathways and solutions for 99% of Colombians.

Finally, the Chamber’s representative affirms that “I will continue along new political paths where our proposals, and the proposals of millions of women and men for equality, inclusion, and the welfare and foundations of life, are recognized as a crucial part of the transformations that Colombia demands”.

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