Gazelle service is damaged in Havana due to fuel shortages

Gazelle service is damaged in Havana due to fuel shortages

Residents in Havana are facing increasing difficulties in transportation due to the reduction of the “Gazelle” metrotaxi service, due to the ongoing fuel crisis that is afflicting the country.

Cuba taxis It was reported that the Gazzelle bus fleet is facing a significant decline in operability. They did not provide data on when the service would be restored, and they insist that this is the reason Fuel shortage.

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“In the last 48 hours, there have been difficulties with fuel supply at the points designated for Metrotaxi vehicles, which is why it has not been possible to cover routes on the selected itineraries,” Taxis Cuba said on Facebook.

For many years, Cubans have witnessed their public transportation system gradually disintegrate, with diminishing offers and rising prices. The situation is exacerbated by the recent instability of fuel supplies in the country.

The “deer” disaster comes in a context in which the government tried to regulate the prices that private transport companies charge citizens, a measure it promoted without regard to the scarcity of resources, and after it began selling fuel in dollars at many gas stations in the country.

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Eduardo Rodriguez DavilaThe Minister of Transport said, “It is necessary to move forward with the search for financing in convertible currencies to contract for more vehicles, which will allow raising the level of services on existing roads and valuing others, even in the governorates.”

He noted that they were interested, above all, in Electric carsThis has raised concerns among Cubans because they suffer from power outages for more than 12 hours a day and do not understand how these vehicles can be charged in the country.

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first Minister, Manuel Marrero CruzIn February, he called Eliminate “smoothness” In applying penalties for increases in private transportation prices.

Government policies seeking to combat rising prices in this sector may lead to the collapse of one of the few services that used to operate with some regularity in the capital.

Getting around Havana to get to work, school and run daily errands is becoming increasingly difficult.

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