GDP growth potential of 10% this year after strong expansion in April | News

GDP growth potential of 10% this year after strong expansion in April |  News

The former Minister of Economy and Finance, David Twista, said today that there is room for a “recovery” that would allow the Peruvian economy to grow by 10% this year as officially planned, considering that last April it expanded by more than 58%. .

National production grew by 58.49% in April of this year due to the positive result of most economic sectors, excluding agriculture, the National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEI) reported yesterday.

“We are talking about a 10-point recovery, which we lost last year due to the pandemic. However, we cannot talk about the reactivation per se, because it is a gradual reopening process.” Económika de Andina Online Channel.

Twista confirmed that the production apparatus has been practically paralyzed due to confinement and there are still many prohibited productive activities.

We’ve seen how many companies have lost money and others have gone bankrupt. For this reason, a recovery in productive activity cannot be expected in this way without clear indications of an improvement in private investment, which is essential.”

For the economist, the important thing is not to think about this year’s economic development, but to focus on achieving Sustainable growth from 2022.

“I hope that these results will also appear in the next five years, when we will have a new government and a new council. This is the key to everything,” he emphasized.

Trade and extractive sectors

Referring to the sectors that will affect the better performance of the economy, the former head of the MEF stated that trade sector And services, in general, are the ones that will show significant growth, considering that they have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

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“exist extractive activities In addition, for sure, it will have a very important impact on economic indicators. Let us remember that at the beginning of the epidemic there was a very strong lockdown, because very extreme measures were taken,” Twista said.

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