Tracks and artists that have been confirmed but excluded from the king

Tracks and artists that have been confirmed but excluded from the king

The day after the Sovereign Awards ceremony, there are always criticisms and complaints, which in popular language is defined as a “kick”. However, most of them focused on the bets of the winners.

The challenge this year for organizers was broad. They have had to cut back a little over two hours of celebration and another two hours of red carpet what has been done in two years (2019 and 2020), as well as capacity constraints due to coronavirus prevention measures and change. View from the main hall of the National Theater to the Jaragua Hotel.

These restrictions made the organizers of the Dominicans’ most important prize decide at the last minute to dispense with previously announced clips that had been rehearsed and confirmed to the press.

Artists like El salsero Rawlin Rosendo or Magic Juan Urban (Former Project One member) He traveled from the United States, and was unable to attend the ceremony. In the case of Rosendo, he will ascend to this wonderful stage for the first time with This is Sarante, and both are in illusion salsa time.

This came through a press release of the production team, in which it was said, “The audience will be able to appreciate this wonderful moment of the awards ceremony to delight all the followers of these artists and the genre they represent, without forgetting the rhythm and energy conveyed by two of our great artists.”

However, it only remained in this briefing note, because that part was never passed. The artist requested an explanation in a letter to members of the Association of Art Historians (Acroarte).

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“My sincerest apologies and my feelings of great concern to all the fans who have been waiting for my performance which was admired by everyone. I have come with love in the world making sacrifices in the midst of the pandemic to share a clip with my colleague This is Sarante at the Sovereign Awards, but I haven’t yet received an explanation as to why our post wasn’t aired,” Rosendo complained.

He was the last person who wanted to go on stage magic joan. As reported to reporters at a meeting with the members prior to the show, he will pay tribute to Sandy, and perform the most popular songs during his time with the duo. Sandy and Babu, who lived healthy competition as the most prominent of Merenhaus.

“He was a musician with a lot of emotion and he was especially special to me because we paid tribute not only to the musical style, but to a great brother”, He said magic joan On your Instagram profile.

Sandy He died last year after suffering a heart attack. Speaking of the artists who left, some of the COVID-19 are not as recognized as in previous years. Victor Victor, the blind man from Nagua or designer New Polanco There were only three of them, and the audience lamented that they were not featured in a presentation.

Kenito Mendes, Who was one of the artists who participated in a concert honoring the late artistsAnd the He used his Instagram profile to apologize to his fans for not being able to perform as stipulated.

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“I want to express my apologies to all those who were waiting to share with my other colleagues last night. A posthumous tribute was planned to be given to the great music stars who recently left this world. We still don’t know why it wasn’t broadcast yesterday at Premio Sovereign. Unfortunately Everyone has been eagerly waiting for this part,” Merenguero complained.

the actor Julian Gil, who came from Mexico, where he is currently recording a TV series, did not present any awards, which the audience expected.

Another complaint is that there were some awards given out on the red carpet, which didn’t allow the winners to speak while others took too long. they put mane cruise, who met him twice, while Amaury Sanchez or Leticia Tono They left it in the microphone without giving them a step of thanks for their awards.

The show, which was announced from Santiago with different artists, also did not take place.

It is not known who won some of the categories

What are the winners for the best music video? Director Tabari Blanchard asked: Has anyone ever known? Then he added, “What is this transformation? What a disrespect.”

Blanchard insisted on his Instagram account: “No streak was mentioned, no one won. OK. First time I’ve seen this in many years of nominations, sorry, but what a mess.”

The categories were classical and many popular areas such as album of the year, alternative music, songwriter, arranger of the year, concert, religious music…

The same thing happened in the cinema: the best actress, the best actor and on an equal footing in the theater.

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“Surprise, Sovereign of Delivery. I’m sharing it with my in-line buddies, all those out there, on this grueling track of our music,” Xiomara Fortuna wrote, announcing this way via Instagram that Bust had come to her as a winner in the alternative music category.

Romeo Santos, Surprise of the Night

The one who was definitely surprised by his attendance of the award was Romeo Santos, and it was not known that he would come to the country and less so that he would receive the Great Sovereign. The award, although well deserved, caused controversy, because the audience was betting on the recognition of the career of the 102-year-old actress and broadcaster, Maria Cristina Camilo, who received a special award.

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