Gerard Pique: Noria Thomas says he will talk about their relationship in a series – International Soccer – Sports

Gerard Pique: Noria Thomas says he will talk about their relationship in a series – International Soccer – Sports

Gerard Pique, the Barcelona footballer, is still caught in the eye of the hurricane due to his sporting instability and feuds off the field. Amid the list of scandals surrounding the defender’s life, The most important issue remains the process of his separation from Shakira from Barranquilla.

In the last hours, after the information arrived, Piqué Airlines boarded it He could be seen with another woman on the streets of BarcelonaAnd the The controversy came at the expense of his ex-partner Nuria Thomas, who resurfaced after weeks of absolute silence regarding the situation between the player and Shakira.. His stern attitude to expectation resulted from the release of a series “A Story Among Thousands” to be published about his life.

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Presentation of the documentary

There are thousands of stories and this is mine., Thomas said in a video posted to his Instagram account. He added at the time, “I open the doors of my home, my family, my daily life and everything that made me feel what I feel today at my best.”

In his presentation of the documentary series that he will release on digital platforms, he said that he overcame a difficult situation at the age of 21: “Something happened to me that completely changed my life. I always say that a part of my innocence stayed there. I started to be someone else”.

Likewise, she referred to an event after which public opinion knew her. He concluded by saying: “A friend appeared, until then we were friends, and we became a couple.”

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Because of the aforementioned ‘post’, the majority of Pique and Shakira’s followers started rumors about an important indication of their relationship with the footballer, which was more than a decade ago. Facing this intensity, Thomas chose to break his silence.

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“It is very good to be silent but (…) this time I did not deal with it either”

Nuria Thomas and Gerard Pique.


Instagram: @nuria_tomas / @3gerardpique

I want to tell you what I think. It is very good to be silent but (…) this time I did not deal with it either. It was a total harassment and demolition of my phone. (…) To 16,000 new followers I had this past week, just telling you that if you came to this account because they sold you, I made a series where I talk about a relationship I had 12 years in the past, don’t buy it, because you will be disappointed”, Thomas started in his latest video.

Right from the start, referring to the topic of Pique and Shakira, the 34-year-old model explains: “I speak for two minutes, in the first chapter, in a context in which I also talk about other ex-partners who influenced me the most. (…) It is a part of my life, and I can talk about it wherever and however I want. I’ve never done that and what he said in that class is very interesting. If you’re looking for gossip, there’s nothing.”

“A foreign platform suggested that I create content for moms and entrepreneurs. I thought it was a very nice project. We started it six months ago, and it was my fault that I was late because I didn’t have time to review the chapters. (…) This coincided with news about my ex-partner that I didn’t even know. (…]As my father says, what they say cannot be avoided, but it can be avoided if it is true,” Thomas comments about the purpose of the series about his life.

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Due to the controversy caused by the topic, Nuria Thomas announced that she would delete the video within a week.

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