German prankster steals Dominican looks on Netflix

German prankster steals Dominican looks on Netflix

Netflix launched products in February that exposed people devoted to deceiving others, such as “Inventing Anna,” which took the top ten for the “streaming” platform in the Dominican Republic.

“Reporter Vivian Kent suggests her editor follow up on the story of Anna Delphi, the alleged German heiress who has been arrested for grand theft without bail,” were the words Netflix chose to describe the series.

The production, directed by S.J. Clarkson, revolves around the real-life case of con artist Anna Sorokin, who calls herself “Anna Delphi”.

Under an assumed name he defrauded major banks and hotels in New York City, and wealthy people in Manhattan, and ended up owing about $200,000.

Many situations happened in that wonderful life that he lived. Rachel (played by Katie Louise) has enjoyed the benefits of being friends with someone who has a five-star lifestyle like Anna Delphi.

Rachel was with Anna on a trip to Morocco when Sorokin’s credit cards stopped working and she blamed the bank.

In a report from The Associated Press, that day in Anna’s history was described as follows: Rachel, a Vanity Fair employee, paid her company card as temporary retention, but they ended up charging her $60,000 in fees. She later wrote an article for Vanity Fair about the experience and published a book called My Friend Anna.

The scandal was exposed in 2017 And for the year 2019, her accounts were frozen and she was convicted of grand theft and theft of services.

Last year, she was released from prison on parole, due to good behavior during her confinement.

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He is currently in the custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is awaiting possible deportation to Germany.

Anna Sorokin, 31, received $320,000 from Netflix For the right to tell her story in the form of a miniseries.

However, she wrote an open letter published by, stating that she won’t see it and that “nothing…sounds attractive” about Netflix audiovisual, the Associated Press reported.

The creator of popular series such as Gray’s Anatomy and The Bridgertons, Shonda Rhimesis the one who created and produced the series based on a report published by the American magazine “New York”, entitled “How Anna Delphi deceived the people of New York”.

In addition, American director and producer David Frankel was also producing episodes of the series.

Actresses who give life to the main characters are Julia Garner (the series’ heroine) Anna Klumsky, who plays journalist Vivian Kent, is a character inspired by Jessica Pressler, the reporter who wrote the aforementioned article.

Other cast who have appeared are Katie Louise, Laverne Cox, Alexis Floyd, Anders Holm, Jennifer Esposito, Anna Dever, Jeff Perry, Anthony Edwards, Ariane Moayed and Terry Kinney.

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