Math Big Ideas: Even Science Becomes Americanized – Science – Life

Math Big Ideas: Even Science Becomes Americanized – Science – Life

Since the inception of civilization, man has devoted his efforts to the study, analysis, and description of nature – and even a whole concept as inaccessible as reality – through observation, the creation of an explanatory model and, finally, contrast through experimentation.

Thus the scientific method was born.; Although it recognizes Aristotle and his observation of the free fall of bodies (which concluded that the speed of their fall is directly proportional to the weight of their bodies) as having its deepest roots, more than two thousand years ago, it is a great precedent for chaotic science, and thus modern science.

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dynamic systems. From cosmic determinism to the butterfly effect


time groups

This is explained by mathematician Mikkel Nogueira Patel: “(…) In 1972, Lorenz was invited to hold a conference on the subject, entitled: Could a butterfly’s flapping wings in Brazil trigger a hurricane in Texas?. But what it created was a media storm, asserting that a good picture is better than a thousand equations”; that is, because there are not a few Hollywood productions that have resorted to this scientific myth, since Havana (1990), a film in which Robert Redford explains, under the screenplay Film director Sidney Pollack, How a Dragonfly in the China Sea unleashes a hurricane in the Caribbean, a “feat” that Steven Spielberg repeated in 1993 in Jurassic Park, when a butterfly in China also caused a storm in New York.

In this regard, Nogueira Battle adds: “The idea was not Lorenz, who liked to use a seagull more than a butterfly, but Philip Meirelles the organizer of the conference,” and cites James Gleick’s Chaos Theory books, The Archimedes Bathtub, by Ortoli and Witkowski , as those who disseminated the Butterfly Effect and analyzed the butterfly’s habitat, the place where the climatic catastrophe occurred and the bibliographical reference to the story, respectively.

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The book’s author highlights “From here on, they critically reflect on the current Americanization of science and the loss of historical perspective that was not wasted.” dynamic systems. From cosmic determinism to the butterfly effectwhere he reconstructed the development of the method of direct observation and prediction until modern chaos theory (a force, specifically, of Edward Lorenz), which cut the wings of the dream of reason and determinism that sought to know the past and the future from the present.

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