Gervonda Davis vs Mario Barrios: See All Results

Gervonda Davis vs Mario Barrios: See All Results

Review the matches from the undercard at the World Boxing Association Super Lightweight Title Fight

American Gervonda Davis This became Saturday Champion of three different divisions At the expense of the Mexican American Mario ‘Azteca’ Barrios By removing Superlight regular scepter of the World Boxing Association Undercard and at the main event of Mayweather ads Premier Boxing Champions At the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Davis He became a favorite to win with lines 4.5 to 1, and now he is adding a new belt to his collection that includes the ‘super’ weight belt Super featherweight for AMB, And he too With regular championship lightweight.

At age 26, Barrios, A native of San Antonio, Texas, had a hot series for the tournament, including four knockouts in his last five wins in the tournament.

See the results of all the fights here:

BATYR AKHMEDOV V.S. Algenis Montes

WBA Super Lightweight Knockout Fight (140 lb / 64 kg)
12 rounds

Dominican Mendes Opposed Uzbek Akhmetov However, in the first six rounds, he was unable to proceed and was penalized He finished the fight at the end of the eighth round After a Hand injury Caribbean.

“The fight went according to our plan. We expected it to be very tough. I was out of the ring for a long time and had to lift those rounds. My plan was to fight for the world title next time,” he said. Akhmetov After the fight. “We knew this fight would be awkward and tricky. He was cutting me off. It was a good experience for me. Being able to win this match is huge for me. I am glad to be back in the ring with a positive result.. I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this event and look forward to returning home to be with my family. Mendes is a great guy at best. We knew it wasn’t a ride and he was telling me to drop a gear in my corner and take my time when I hurt him Go to the knockout“.

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“I started Feeling injured in the second and third rounds. My knees were broken and I could no longer hit After I cut it [a Akhmedov] With the right hand in the first round, “he said. Mendes. “I tried to keep fighting from the fourth round, but I didn’t have to do it. Do you know what happened? I missed my team that trained in England. They needed permission to enter the United States, but could not get it. I was here with different people in my corner and now I want to relax before thinking about what my future will be. “

Carlos Adams V.S. Alexis Salazar

Super Welderweight Boat (154 lbs / 69.9 kg)
10 rounds

After two controversial interventions from the arbitrator, Adams Decided to be without a doubt with a powerful spot on the face Salasar, Who could not send the security account and Fell In the third round.

“I was in control during the whole fight and it caused him to spin a couple of times,” he said. Adams After his victory. “I do my job Jab First to the body, when I saw it working I focused on my left hook, I did my job and followed my strategy from A to Z to be as successful as I wanted to be.. The key moment of the fight was that I made him lose concentration, and once I did, it was easy for me. If I had it, I would fight anyone. I can’t say exactly who they are, but those who want to cross me are welcome to come into the ring. “

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“I felt good in the ring, I thought I had won the rounds, but then he started to catch me and that’s when he hit me. Overhead, It changed the fight, “he admitted Salasar. “I have to go back to work and keep looking for more opportunities. There are many who have never had opportunities like this. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose“.

Erickson Lupine V.S. Jason Rosario

WBC Super Welderweight Elimination Fight (154 lbs / 69.9 kg)
12 rounds

The power was on the side Rosario, Though Lupine The one who landed the best shots Finish the fight by knocking out in the sixth round After sending Dominican to the canvas twice, he failed to cross the defense count and is now placed in the next row to fight for the championship.

“I followed my strategy and after every round of coaching I would go back to my corner [Kevin] Cunningham and my team told me, ‘Stay tuned Jab‘, Y I am much faster than him, which is why I know he tried to respond to me with his good power. So I avoided him and punished him with me Jab Continuing, “he said Lupine. “From the start of the first round I started to hurt his body. I started searching for his body. So I was able to hurt him to get to the body and wanted to distract him by the jab before going down. This is how I defeated him. Coach Cunningham is a Hall of Fame coach. He told me not to go crazy when I hurt him. We wanted to beat him properly, and we did the same, I know the fight is over even after he falls off the mat and wakes up. I knew I was a great finisher and I knew I had beaten him from the moment I saw him fall. I want my next fight to be for the world title. I want everyone to face 154 pounds. I’m number one on WBC, but I chose to face it Rosario. I didn’t miss anyone. I would like to say that I fought with everyone in my division when I was a world champion. “

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I feel so bad now. I have not yet learned my lesson, it all happened. I lost again… it’s so frustrating. I firmly believed that I was going to win, ”he admitted Rosario. “After the second round the fight started to change. From there I started listening and consulting in my corner,” Lupine He is a great fighter. He did everything to win. Enjoy your success“.

Gervonda Davis V.S. Mario Barrios

Fight for the WBA Super Lightweight title (140 lbs / 64 kg)
12 rounds

Davis That is a fact Tank, Sent four times to the canvas Barrios And not only ended his defeat, but also plucked the scepter AMB’s Superlight With a superb performance, he improved his record to 25-0 with 24 knockouts.

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