Ginobili honored for induction into the Hall of Fame

Ginobili honored for induction into the Hall of Fame

Former Argentine basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs Emmanuel Manu Ginobili said he is “honored” to be nominated for the Hall of Fame in September 2022, because it’s something “very important” for basketball.

It is an honor. I saw it coming. It’s a beautiful representation, they don’t change me if they choose me or not. If that happens, great. If it doesn’t, then nothing will happen. It’s a very important thing in basketballHe said in an interview with Solo Básquet magazine, which is broadcast on the Internet.

Ginobili (Bahia Blanca, 1977) came to the NBA in July 2002 and retired in August 2018, after 16 seasons in which he won four episodes in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014.

The shooting guard, who was among the 50 shortlisted to enter the Hall of Fame, also claimed a gold (Athens 2004) and Olympic bronze (Beijing 2008) and was the world’s runner-up at Indianapolis 2002.

Argentinian Consider that the current NBA is “different” and that basketball players are “very athletic and fast” at the moment.

“I would have liked to play basketball today, with many three throws and runs. The talent and skill of the players is amazing. There are things that can be seen and unbelievable. I would like to play it at 25 or 28 years old. Today, at the age of 40-43, these guys are difficult to defend. They go very fast and fly“, I consider.

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very He paid tribute to his compatriot Facundo CampazzoOf the family of the Denver Nuggets, whom he called “undisputed” for his “talent and energy.”

Additionally, he said he did not see a “crazy” investment in a team, but emphasized that he was not “looking to try to get in”.

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