Go step by step knowing

Go step by step knowing

The trend of the week continues to show that the prevalence of COVID-19 in the country remains high. It has been shown that some regions, which are already making progress in the vaccination campaign, are intensifying measures aimed primarily at reducing the movement of people in order to accompany the vaccination period more effectively.

Unfortunately and despite the accumulation of teachings, Some of our compatriots show overconfidence, neglecting rigor in their biosecurity with negative consequences by increasing the possibility of transmission.

Thus, when assessing the behavior of the epidemic at the international level, it becomes clear that even in those countries where the vaccination of the population is advancing, they have not escaped the so-called epidemiological peaks that may have a common reason for relaxation in compliance with infection prevention measures.

According to Cuban experts and scientists, a better situation can be expected by the end of September, This does not mean that the virus is far from gone, but as a trend the number of confirmed cases could decline as part of the increase in the population complying with the three doses of vaccination.

But none of the above is accurate, since, in addition to the effectiveness of individual and family behavior, it depends on the accuracy and consistency of compliance with sanitary protocols and demographic characteristics of each territory.

The numbers are also true when assessing the number of vaccinated people who go into dangerous or critical stages or die, the group of vaccinated people is in a much better position without a doubt, but they can become infected. Therefore, prevention is valid for all, in the midst of the height of the most complex pandemic the country has experienced to date, and it is keeping the entire Cuban health system, the authorities and the population in a state of stress and tension.

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Going step by step, consciously, always bearing in mind that we are facing a very dangerous and opportunistic disease, will allow us to keep our guard up, thus reducing the cracks where the virus can penetrate. It is the most effective way to accompany science.

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