shocked! Vida comes from behind and with 10 men got a precious draw against Olympia – ten

shocked!  Vida comes from behind and with 10 men got a precious draw against Olympia – ten

Welcome to the minute by minute of the Olympia vs Vida match!

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the game: Olympia 1-1 Vida

I finish: Vida made it to the Nacional and provoked the bitterness of the three-time champion Olympia. The Lions won 1-0 but the Coconuts, who were playing with ten men, gained strength from a double and a goal from young Ederson Funes sealed the match and culminated in a 1-1 draw.

90 + 1′ GOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLIFE! Jose Garcia misses out on the start and Vida starts the equalizer nod from there, and the ball reaches Ederson Funes, who had just come in, dribbled on the edge of the area and with a very strong footed he beat Minivar.

90′ Uffffff Olympia saved. Marvin Bernardez sends in Edric Menjivar but his shot goes too far.

86′ Change in life:
Income: Ederson Funes
Left: Roger Sander

80′ Today! CDS Vida left with 10 men after Juan Ramón Contreras was sent off for foul play against German Mejia.

79 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Input: Josman Figueroa
Left: Edwin Rodriguez

79 ‘ Change in Olympia:
Entry: Carlos Pineda
Left: Jose Mario Pinto

77 ‘ Joa… Now life is forgiven. Center “Mango” Sanchez, Brian Bernardez has the ball at his will and in front of the tire sends it out.

73 ‘ No, no, no… Unbelievable about Eddie Hernandez! Under the frame a shot from a pass by Jose Mario Pinto misses; We follow Olympia 1-0.

74 ‘ Change in life:
Entry: Danilo Palacios
Carlos Argueta left

74 ‘ Change in life:
Income: Marcos Alvarenga
Left: Alex Aguilar

72 ‘ Edwin Rodriguez returns to the Estadio Nacional. Seems like a slap in the back isn’t serious.

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70′ Edwin Rodriguez went on a stretcher as well, injured after a difficult error by Maison Sergio Peña.

70Yellow card for Sergio Peña after a foul on Edwin Rodriguez.

68 ‘ Now the injured is Edwin Rodriguez after a foul from Sergio Peña’s back. Leave her knee at her lower back.

67′ Change in Olympia:
Income: Jose Garcia
Left: Elvin Casildo

66 ‘ Olympia defender Elvin Casildo injured on a stretcher. The alarms went off at Olympia. Jose Garcia is coming.

63′ Change in Olympia:
Input: Eddie Hernandez
Left: Justin Arboleda

63′ Change in Olympia:
Income: Cristhian Altamirano
Left: Gaston Diaz

51′ Yellow card for German Mejia for a foul against Juan Ramon Contreras.

46 ‘ Change in CDS Life:
Income: Juan Ramon Contreras
Left: Guillermo Chavesco

The second half began at the Estadio Nacional: Los Cocoteros del Vida would break zero on the board and equalize the duel with Olympia.

The end of the first half: Olympia defeated CDS Vida 1-0 with a single goal from top scorer Jerry Bengtson.

41 ‘ Yellow card for Edwin Rodriguez (Olympia).

31 ‘ Excuse me! saved from life. Justin Arboleda pardoned the coconut palms after failing to head the ball after a precise cross from Bengson.

28 ‘ Life approaches Olympia, but without precision. Lions are the masters of the game.

21′ Justin Arboleda was warned for a foul on Carlos “Mango” Sanchez, elbow in the face against Cotero.

17′ Fault on the edge of the area Carlos Horatio Argueta went down in front of Edwin Rodriguez in front of the tyre of “Bebo” Lopez.

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16′ Carlos “Mango” Sanchez wants to surprise but his shot is so flawed that Edric Menjivar doesn’t worry.

13′ Olympia continues to win 1-0 at host CDS Vida after Jerry Bengtson’s goal. Lots of fans at the National Stadium.

7 & # 39; GOOOOOOLLLLL Del Olympia! Guillermo Chavesco’s midfield mistake, he mistook the pass when he gave it to Justin Arboleda, assisted Bengson who connected Vida’s defense with a shot from outside the area that made it 1-0.

¡I started! Olimpia and CDS Vida already play with the Nacional de Tegucigalpa.

CDS Veda alignment: Roberto Lopez; Carlos Argueta, Brian Bernandez, Juan Pablo Montes, Carlos Sanchez; Sergio Peña, Roger Sander, Guillermo Chavesco, Marvin Bernardez, Alex Aguilar; Angel Tejeda.

alternatesAxel Padilla, Juan Ramon Contreras, Ederson Funez, Danilo Palacios, Jeffrey Flores, Luis Melendez, Limberth Perez, Henri Misael Goeti, Marcos Alvarenga.

The match will be streamed on Tigo Sports and start at 4:00 PM. Referee will be Orlando Hernandez.

Olympic fans continue to enter the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa.

Pedro Truglio sits on the bench of young Lauro Chimilio, the 16-year-old left winger who has been transferred to the Olympia Reserve by Brayan Beckeles.

Olympia squad: Edric Menjivar, Brian Bekeles, Elvin Casildo, Johnny Leveron, Javier Portillo; German Mejía, Edwin Rodríguez, José Mario Pinto, Gastón Díaz; Jerry Bingson and Justin Arboleda.

alternates: Rafael Zuniga, Samuel Cordova, Jose Garcia, Jonathan Paz, Felix Crisanto, Lauro Chimilio, Carlos Pineda, Crician Altamitano, Guzman Figueroa, Ezequiel Aguirre, Eddie Hernandez and Diego Reyes.

Welcome to the minute by minute of Olimpia vs Vida for the third date of Apertura-2021 of the Honduran National League.


Olympiad The day goes to a new victory in Opening 2021 After winning his first appearance against real community And after his tie last Wednesday in the classic against Real Spain. Lions do not want to continue to lose ground and in front of CDS حياة life They go to the three points.

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The meeting will be the third date in the destruction National Stadium It’s 4:00 PM (Tigo Sports is broadcast) and it will be the last game in it Pedro Truglio Absent from the bench, this after serving four matches with a suspended penalty.

Lions won’t want to give up the leaderboard marathon NS motagua, who were the ones who led the rating but after the so-called “emes” classics the purslane team remained as the leader.

Troglio will have his full squad in this match against the coconut trees who will have to win and more from the Portuguese coach Fernando Mir, who could have an ultimatum from the council if the victories did not come.

and that is CDS حياة life It won’t be easy at all because he’s played 10 matches without knowing how to win them the National In front of the Merengo team. In fact, the streak between the two just in the capital says they’ve played 102 games in which the Reds won just 7, then there are 67 Olympic victories and 28 draws.

The historical series imposes 209 matches for each National LeagueAnd Olympiad won 106 Life 27 and tied 76 times, with the balance clearly in favor of the Olympic team, which in fact outperforms all first division clubs in a given series.

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