Golden Globes 2021: Yalita Aparicio’s beautiful Mexican dress

Golden Globes 2021: Yalita Aparicio’s beautiful Mexican dress

One of the most important women in Mexico today is her Yalitza AparicioShe is a woman who represents all that the country is, a fighter, a winner, and an empowered girl who feels her roots, shows her roots, and learns her love for this place whenever the opportunity arises.

On this occasion, I had the opportunity to invite Yalitsa to conduct and analyze a preview of the 78th Edition of Golden Globes 2021Where he had the opportunity to tell some anecdotes about his beginnings, his life, and his participation in the Golden Globes 2019, among other things.

The actress showed that she is a great person, an ambassador for what Mexico represents in the world, and was responsible for attending various venues to promote her Mexican roots and her success story after emerging as the protagonist of the novel. The movie “Rome”.

This position and her colossal work in the movie led to her being nominated Best Actress at the Oscars From the 2019 version, where he lived with several high-profile actresses and where they also had the opportunity to meet Yalitza, who has stolen so many hearts and all the respect from the world of Hollywood.

An impressive Mexican woman who, in addition to wearing proudly in her Mexican colors, her clothes from our country, is someone who has shown that she has a lot of courage to stand in front of the cameras and can talk about anything. Topic without hesitation.

Mexican dress make grids fall in love

An Oaxacan woman appeared in a pink Mexican blouse that made her look beautiful with a beautiful blue dress, in which her attractiveness was amazing, she could share it with all her users, even hours ago, when she published all her preparations.

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The most curious thing about this story is that this Mexican dress is by Chris Joyeri |He is the nephew of actor Sergio Gueri and one of the characters at that time who spoke very badly about the actress of Oaxacan, a situation that became controversial, but in the end it did not affect Yalitza in the least.


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