Gomez Mazara requests audits of the efforts of Jose Ramon Peralta, Francisco Javier and Miguel Vargas

Gomez Mazara requests audits of the efforts of Jose Ramon Peralta, Francisco Javier and Miguel Vargas

Last Sunday, the leader of the modern revolutionary party, Guido Gómez Mazara, deposited in front of the Accounts Chamber a letter requesting the supervisory body to conduct audits of efforts Jose Ramon Peralta, Miguel Vargas Maldonado and Francisco Javier Garcia In order to “give transparency to the correct use of public funds”.

Gomez Mazara announced on Monday that he has placed the order I hope it is a accounts room, not a story room..

In the letter addressed to the newly appointed head of the Accounting Chamber, Janelle Andres Ramirez, and other members of the foundation, the political leader requested that investigations begin into the efforts of the Court of Accounts. Ministry of Administrative Presidency (2012-2020), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2016-2020), Ministry of Tourism (2008-2020).

I have to emphasize the priority nature of performance at the State Department, due to the multiple questions around the 2016-2020 administration. With this arrangement, we intend that the four-year term in which Mr. Miguel Vargas Maldonado was sentenced will be subject to scrutiny before the country’s Foreign Ministry, “as stated in the document.

Gómez Mazara also stated in the letter that they “benefit greatly from the desire that the administration headed by the citizen Francisco Javier García (2008-2020) of the Ministry of Tourism (…) be audited in view of the fact that, in relation to tourism promotion contracts abroad, There is a great deal of concern about sums and questionable transparency in their implementation“.

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The letter concluded, “The state sets your eyes on the challenge of restoring credibility to a constitutional body that deserves better luck, such as the Board of Accounts.”

I have just deposited before the Accounts Chamber the performance of audits for the management of Jose Ramon Peralta, Miguel Vargas and Francisco Javier Garcia. Hopefully it will be a “accounts, not stories” room. pic.twitter.com/2Zgt2bCYac

– Guido Gomez Mazara (@gomezmazara) April 19, 2021

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