Mims: National teams to the Premier League? Check out the funniest memes about the new tournament

Mims: National teams to the Premier League?  Check out the funniest memes about the new tournament

After the decision by the twelve major clubs in Europe to switch to the Premier League, memes did not wait for the Salvadoran teams that “could have made it” to the exclusive league.

to J. Navaretti / Agencies | Apr 19, 2021-19:39

Since Sunday, the subject of creation was born From Superliga, A new European club competition, each comment series has appeared, for or against the initiative, and without a doubt, memes are also part of the conversation on social networks.

In those conversations on social media, there was no shortage of El Salvadoran adjustments to the Premier League, as they were joking with the possibility of the big league teams being there, which also sparked some laughter among netizens, who took advantage of the new wave of competition and brought out the brilliance of your creativity. .

Florentino Perez breaks the silence: “Real Madrid will not be expelled from the Champions League”

Alliance, Verbo, Fez In clubs as well Rodolfo Zelaya a Carlos “Gullit” Peña They have been a part of local memes heroes about the arrival of the Premier League, but also internationally there has been no shortage of comments about how clubs or players from the major European leagues are affected.

Jokes about Salvadoran teams that might be part of the new club tournament were not necessary. Image: Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3878154212270649&set=g.946035135900477

Verbo was one of the “participating” Salvadoran teams in the Premier League. Photo: Illustration and non-commercial / https://twitter.com/RucksDelBo/status/1384281684867096585/

The memes also included footballers from the Salvadoran league in the new league. Image: Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.facebook.com/177079669316287/photos/a.180593758964878/1423419594682282/

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez justified the decision to create the Europa League as “a solution to fix the very bad situation in football and reduce lost income” by major clubs.

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“The important clubs in England, Spain and Italy have to solve a very bad situation in football. 5000 million euros lost. We have a budget of 800 and instead we ended up at 700 last season. This year instead of 900 we will see if we go into 600. In” Two seasons less than 400 million Real MadridFlorentino said, at El Chiringuito de Mega.

On the other hand, Liverpool midfielder James Milner said on Monday that he does not like the European Premier League and that he hopes it will not bear fruit. “As everyone thinks, there are many questions that have to be answered. I can only give my opinion. I don’t like it and I hope it won’t happen.”The captain of Liverpool, one of the founding clubs of the major tournament, said on Sky Sports.

More than just an outstanding player has even made jokes with the likeness of this soccer player to Barcelona’s Samuel Umtiti. Photo: Illustration and non-commercial / https://twitter.com/MedsterRM/status/1384209426760933377

Jokes with the game modes created in FIFA video games were also unnecessary. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial nature / https://twitter.com/GoldeSavic_/status/1384220235180363787

The memes also include the new president of the Super League, Florentino Perez. Photo: Illustration and non-commercial / https://twitter.com/anunakis1309/status/1384170172123029510

Ajax CEO, Edwin van der SarOn Monday night, it rejected the announcement of the creation of the Premier League by twelve of the strongest clubs in Europe.

Van der Sar said: “We are very disappointed by the sudden and late change that was made this weekend by his colleagues in some of the major international clubs, with the result that a very mysterious period threatens to break European football.” statement.

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Is the Champions League disappearing? Questions and answers about the new Super League

What’s more, Gary NevilleOne of the most critical of the former Premier League players, he asked fans to mobilize so that they would not steal their football. The former Manchester United player described the creation of the Premier League as a disgrace and emphasized that he was disgusted by such a “greedy” act.

Paris Saint-Germain and the prospect of being mixed up by eliminating the three semi-finalists participating in the Premier League is also a cause for memes. Photo: An illustration of a non-commercial nature / https://www.facebook.com/soyfan10/photos/a.561649587226543/4376640619060735/

This mockery of Atlético de Madrid was not too much for netizens. Photo: Illustration and non-commercial / https://twitter.com/Torren__/status/1384219337674743822

Karim Benzema, banned from the French national team, was also the protagonist of the memes. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.facebook.com/soyfan10/photos/a.561649587226543/4376362605755203/

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