“We create the European Super League to save football”

“We create the European Super League to save football”

Florentino Perez This Monday, he backed the formation of the European Super League, in an interview with the El Cringito project, which warns that his presidential campaign was not born of a corrupt mindset, but of football. UEFAIt said “to be very transparent, we don’t want to confront anyone, but when there are people who believe these companies are theirs, when UEFA, Lalika and others believe they are theirs, you have to do something.”

“I came here, not for my own benefit,” Florentino clarified, “and his aim is to turn the tide of interest and make it clear that we are getting out of this crisis. The UEFA is talking about that new Champions League, which we do not understand will start in 2024, and we will die.” They don’t realize it. Football can’t wait. “

“The big ones are the ones that create the most resources, it should be known. If we do not take this step, everyone will fall, not just the big or the modest, it’s our interest that everyone avoids it,” he declared.

The head of Real Madrid has warned that a plan is needed to save the “complicated situation” by avoiding any controversy as much as possible. “Nobody here has set anything. The major clubs in England, Italy and Spain have to come up with a solution to the awkward situation that football is going through. There is talk of five billion losses. Real Madrid had a budget of 800 last year. We finished at 700 this year, instead of 900 in 600 seasons. With less than 400 million, we will only see Real Madrid enter. We are facing a very bad situation. We are all facing a very bad situation and we expect a solution, “he said.

In this regard, Florentino argued that the decision was “compelling and urgent.” When you only have TV revenue, you understand that the only way to make a profit is to make the competition more competitive and attractive to fans around the world. Yes, instead of playing one Champions League a week, it is less and less enjoyable, we make a Super League and can mitigate everything we lose.

“Football must evolve as life develops,” the president said. “Everything has changed. Social networks have also changed the way they communicate. Football has to adapt to that situation. Our game is losing interest, it shows. The spectators have to do something less because it is accelerated by the epidemic.”

“It’s not true that this is a league for the rich, but to save everyone,” Florentino stressed. “We’re going to explain what this competition is all about, its purpose is to save everyone, humble, everyone, because everyone speaks, but the fans who have the right to speak, the 4 billion people around the world Fans want it to be very attractive.

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“Without the useless big announcements, we have to respond to fans from all over the world. There is less and less interest among the youth in the Champions League and we have to react,” he concludes, adding that it is the youth who return to football in its current form: “40 per cent of young people are no longer interested in football. There are so many competitions, they have different kinds of hobbies so we understand we have to do something to create it is very attractive and a simple thing like this happened to us.

“Football has diminished its appeal among youngsters. We need to make sure these youngsters return to football with other platforms to entertain themselves. The Champions League is only attractive from quarter-finals because before you play against ordinary people, we youngsters sometimes say that these games are too long and unattractive. Children are not understood, they are different generations, they deserve the effort to understand them and give them what they ask for, ”he said.

“We are risking the future of football. There are those who do not want to lose their privileges even though we are all on the brink of destruction. We do not want to be rich and poor. That is not true. Football is free to fall and you have to do something, save it,” he reiterated. Recalled that it is not completely new.

“The European Cup hosted by Santiago Bernabeu against FIFA was created in the 50s and eventually transformed into football. It’s already happening in the 50’s. The attraction is that it’s good for everyone because adults play.

“It’s not hard for me to talk to Laporte. When you talk to those in charge, things are simple. He’s a sensible man, Barcelona, ​​and he understands that because he’s in a very subtle situation. Does he save him? He’s saving us all. Never seen “Florentino expressed his displeasure with Persia, agreeing to whom he would laugh and hand over the presidency if necessary. Super League, Copa de Champion.

“This match is making more money because either Barcelona-Milan or Madrid-Manchester is more attractive. The problem is clear: what does the whole world demand? We have fans in China or Singapore, all adults, that’s what gives money, not to other matches. That money goes to everyone. , Because it’s a pyramid that benefits everyone .If we have something, it’s unity, “he said, dismissing it as a completely closed competition.

“Others have access to competition because there are 15 stable clubs, and five matches can be played for merit. This is not a closed league. That is not true. Clubs must be eligible to play in a league like this,” he argued, expressing “rapid growth” in terms of economic benefits: “UEFA earns 130 million euros. We’ve talking about 400. All we do with that money is save the world in general.”

The president of Real Madrid warned that “we have a poll that is 75 percent favorable to fans”, thus rejecting the opposite opinion, saying that it was established for “interests to explain” and that this time PSG. He is not part of the founding club “because we have not yet called him like the Germans, but unknowingly, I do not know why he is only talking and ending the leagues. It is common sense that this will not be the case.

“I talked to all the leagues and federations and no one understood those new champions. They say it will start in 2024. By then we will be dead. They don’t realize the urgency we all have,” he clarified, adding that “other clubs will continue to play,” You can play both. “

In this regard, he threw a glove to indicate that they would do nothing behind anyone’s back and that he did not understand the attacks he had received for this reason. “We say we’ve talked to UEFA and FIFA, we’re doing nothing behind our backs, I do not understand why they are going to get angry. We made it clear in the statement. UEFA acts in another form, it’s all proper respect, I do not understand it, but it is necessary to save football. Does not earn income.

“What we want is to keep football alive for the next 20 years. One thing must be very clear: the situation is dramatic,” he repeated, throwing a dart at the UEFA president.

“The UEFA should be very transparent and explain things. We know football is going through a very difficult situation and the models need to be changed when needed. In the report we say we will talk to UEFA and all organizations.

“We are talking about a very serious matter. Soccer has four billion fans, our team represents two billion. They must be respected while we are here to save everyone and do more,” he acknowledged to the UEFA president in a clear way: “His Threats of those who confuse a monopoly with society. We must speak and converse as we have provided “, already this season, he dismisses fears that he will be expelled from the Champions League as speculated:” Madrid are not going to leave the Champions League, neither Madrid nor City nor anyone else.

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“Real Madrid footballers can be very quiet because nothing is going to happen. UEFA is a monopoly, it’s very obvious what to do. I do not want to talk about what happened there, but of course it should not be that threatening tone,” he responded to Seferon’s threats. . “What is unacceptable is that the head of the UFA insults us as he did with the head of a company like Juventus. I can not speak like him. This must change because we do not like the head of the UEFA.” This is because we die in the situation we are in.

“We have reduced our salary and I know you are earning LeBron James, But Mr. I have no idea what Ceferon is earning. I have reduced my salary, but I do not see Lalika’s president doing it, “he denounced as necessary,” an exercise in transparency in all senses. The monopoly here is over and everyone needs to know what is going on because we are going bankrupt, not just ourselves, but everyone.

“The league is not going to lose value because it is deeply rooted and it will continue as always. Look at basketball: we play ACP, this is the league, then the Euro league and nothing will happen. You can live fully together,” he declared, supporting your plan despite all the pressure. Declaration of character. “Look, when we have money, we distribute it because we believe in unity and values.

“With the current income of the Champions League, we’m dying, and we’ve all dying, big and small, which is something some people do not want to understand. We want to be masters of our destiny, but from the very beginning of unity, he does not want to change things, he is against the interests of football.

“Break? We must trust all levels of the need to take this step. If an agreement is not reached, we will see what happens. We are trying to get closer to everyone. It’s not about the rich and the poor,” he said. “Judging by the need for education rather than conflict:” Maybe you say you do not understand, but you can not do disrespect for the sake of football. I’m here to improve. “

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