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D.Have been here many times Matt Hancock The one who deserves his present life wonders what he did in a previous life. Come to think of it, there are so many ways most of us have to wonder what we did in a previous life Matt Hancock. The life of a health secretary is now one of relentless tragedy, where he is called upon to explain things about the corona virus, which in his part is little more than optimism and speculation. On Monday, when he had imagined a day off, when the Downing Street Communications Nerve Center went dumb, he was forced to advertise for Boris Johnson in public for 45 minutes.

On Tuesday, Hancock returned to a two-hour “lessons learned” trial. Unfortunately this is not an extended therapeutic session for the most profound, existential questions of Dor Matt’s psyche. Therefore, we never find out whether he learned his lesson in Habris, and we will never allow his ambition to exceed his abilities. When the country really needed a healthy secretary, we would have seen him rise to the top as an enthusiastic car and an enthusiastic car showroom manager.

Not that Matt is not a triangle. No one can deny that he is well – even when he is clearly out of his depths – that is what makes him such a pathologist. But even Hancock is starting to fry around the edges. On that day, he could have relied on being a tiger, full of boundless hope and energy, but now he was beginning to look defensive and knocking; It was torn between not being considered a failure and longing for the day when the Prime Minister would move him sideways to a less stressful job.

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So the initial exchanges between selection committee chairman Jeremy Hunt and Dor Matt were decisive. After a brief summary of acknowledgments that hope in the form of three possible vaccines was on the far horizon, Hunt asked if Hancock had always followed science. “I would like to say that we have always been guided by science,” Matt said.

“But you said you follow science,” Hunt noted.

“I was in the conversation on those occasions,” Hancock said.

Now we were slipping under a semantic rabbit hole. It is not clear whether the government follows science when it gets things right, and was guided by science when it turns out. Or vice versa. The answer to whether we were locked in late March was that we were already locked in a curve compared to some European countries and even Dormat could not think of a way out of that way.

This does not really answer the question of why some Asian countries managed the epidemic without locking in using the system of social testing, tracking and tracking, and why we do not take some kind of warning of the growing body bags in Italy. Act soon. You get the impression that why the UK has the highest death toll in Europe is still an absolute mystery to Hancock.

The Secretary of Health explained why the sage described only a small effect on the testing and trace system, which already cost $ 12 billion. The best thing he could bring up was that the sage must have talked about a certain rude tracer, and it would be a mistake for anyone to necessarily believe the figures released by his own department.

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“One of the lessons we learned is that you have to hit the disease hard and beat it early,” Dor Matt insisted. At some point the jaws of most people were dropped because it was very clear that this was something he and the government had failed to do. Instead of accepting the sage’s advice for a two-week circuit breaker in September, he pursued a three-tier regional approach that proved ineffective.

Hancock quickly tied himself in the knots: first arguing that a two-week circuit breaker would not be enough, and then four weeks later annoyedly insisted that the locking was definitely going to work – even if it was introduced too late. It is not clear now whether Matt follows science or leads it. Or whether he pursues incompetence or is guided.

Like the loyal Tories, one of the lessons Hunt or Coalition leader Greg Clark learned was that he was not interested in exploring how handing over expensive contracts to friends can waste government money during an epidemic. , So this material is often omitted. Although Hancock was very reasonable in saying that he had no regrets about spending $ 44,000 on pizza for the staff working around the clock. It is a shame that he did not take the same humanitarian stance on free school meals during the holidays.

Conservative Luke Evans was eager to finish the session at the highest level. Surely there must have been some good things we learned from the whole sorry mess? We had schools open a second time, Dor Matt said. Well, everyone intervened. Anything else? “Yes,” shouted Hancock. It is time to break the habit of battalion and learn to devote more time. Once the corona virus infection was under control, he wanted to keep all the testing centers open so that even someone with a mongoose note could go along and be diagnosed with the flu. I had no idea that this was the lesson the NHS wanted to learn from the epidemic.

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