The president-elect says in a first-round interview that ‘this is not the third Obama word’ American News

In the first sit-in interview he conducted after the election, he was elected president Joe Biden He declared that his presidency was not “the third Obama term” and promised to represent the entire spectrum of the country and the Democrats.

Speaking to NBC News’ Lester Holt on Tuesday evening, Biden said the challenges he faced were unique and that he sought to shake the shadow of the man he served as vice president.

The interview came as Biden announced Number of cabinet nominees, Include Many alumni Of the Obama administration.

“What do you say to those who wonder if you’ve trying to create a third Obama era?” Holt asked.

“This is not the third Obama word. We face a completely different world than we did in the Obama-Biden administration,” Biden responded. “President Trump has changed the landscape.”

His administration aims to refer to the “spectrum of the American people and the spectrum of the Democrats,” he told Biden, adding that he would even consider appointing a Republican who voted for Trump.

“I want this country to be united,” Biden said.

“I will not use the judiciary as my vehicle,” he said Donald Trump His allies are being further investigated, despite pressure from some Democrats to confirm the president’s financial dealings and allegations that he sought foreign intervention in the election. When Trump steps down in January, he will lose constitutional protection from lawsuits against the sitting president.

But Biden said his administration wanted to stay away from the field. “There are a lot of inquiries I ‘ve read about it at the state level. I can not or will not do anything about it,” Biden said.

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Biden expressed his desire to pursue a “progressive” agenda. Asked if he had consulted with progressive senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on cabinet appointments, the president-elect said “really nothing at the table” when it comes to knocking on his door. But he said, “Taking someone out of the Senate, taking someone out of the House is a very difficult decision, it has to be made.”

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While progressives have hailed Biden’s decision to appoint Janet Yellen as secretary of the treasury and Ron Klein as chief of staff, key left-wing voices, including deputies Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlip and Alexandria Ocacio Cortes, have called for Biden to oust former Biden leader. Staff to head the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). “We are deeply concerned by reports that Reid is at the forefront of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) leadership. Biden Administration, In view of her hostility to the economic security programs on which working people depend, ”the woman in Congress said in a petition along with other progressive leaders.

Biden also told Hold that the team was focused on coordinating a change, noting that Tron management’s approach was “honest” while further announcements from management staff were pending.

“They are already doing my part to get the President daily summaries,” he told Holt. “We are already meeting with the Govt team at the White House.

On Wednesday, Biden will deliver a speech of thanks from Wilmington, Delaware, and the change committee said, “We will discuss the sacrifices Americans are making this holiday season and we can work together to address the current crisis.”

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This would be completely different to Donald Trump Turkey apologizes Today. Trump thanked health workers and celebrated advances in vaccine development, but did not offer condolences to the quarter million families who died of the corona virus.

The president-elect has taken pains to portray himself and his administration as a foil to Trump and the Trump administration. On Tuesday, when the president tweeted “America First”, during a Wilmington press conference, Biden outlined his vision for a country “ready to lead the world, not back down from it.”

He told Holt that he was pleased to talk to “more than 20 world leaders” and that “they are really excited.”

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