Guido Gomez Mazara’s harsh warning to the Prime Minister

Guido Gomez Mazara’s harsh warning to the Prime Minister

The modern revolutionary party (PRM), as the political arm of the government, has fallen behind, which is a mistake, according to the Permi commander. Guido Gomez Mazara.

In assessing defeats PRM in a Bar Association of the Dominican Republic (CARD) and at the Dominican Teachers Association (ADP), they cautioned that it is necessary to analyze and reflect on what happened.

“We have been very passive, because the political party must constitute itself in the technical defense of running its government. In the ADP There were last minute alliances and agreements, and it wasn’t enough to stop the PLD party from winning. This suggests that we in the party must have a necessary thought process because we are ignoring the mass fronts, why it took so long to get the middle leaders into the government.”

He said that, unlike part of the party, he assumed (what happened in the ADP, the CARD) as a signal for necessary reflection.

“As opposed to the arguments you avoid making assumptions about the responsibility Topic “.

He said he’s been on tour for three months at national territory, and every week he speaks to the Perremeists, and his reaction is that there is a very high level of concern about the neglect of the people who worked for the party’s coming to power, and it is not due to the attention.

“Those strikes in the mass fronts indicate that we should devote more time to the job my party.”

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