Guillermo Laso’s government begins with 85 diplomatic missions abroad | Politics | News

Guillermo Laso’s government begins with 85 diplomatic missions abroad |  Politics |  News

Between 2017 and 2021, 17 representations were closed. Foreign Minister Mauricio Montalvo does not rule out opening, reopening or closing others, but with a prior analysis.

In the field of foreign service, the gGuillermo Lasso’s government Management starts with 85 diplomatic representation Around the world, between embassies and consulates, and between countries and international organizations.

Among the 85, 44 embassies, 36 consulates and five are represented by the United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO) and Organization of American States (OAS).

This amount from overseas missions represents a monthly salary overhead of $1.1 million and additional income of $1.4 million. These amounts added and multiplied in twelve months are more than 30 million dollars annuallyAnd according to the record of the past three months in the payroll of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, which amounted to 525 officials in the foreign corps, including professional employees, and a political and administrative quota.

More than $34 million is paid to the state annually for salaries and benefits for employees abroad

during the The government of former President Lenin Moreno they were 17 closed diplomatic missions, a number reached after the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which exacerbated the economic crisis and which the government took some measures to cut spending.

Embassies in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Belarus, Algeria, Angola, Iran, Nicaragua and Malaysia; The consulates of Alicante, Mumbai, Vienna, Brussels, Valencia (Venezuela), Rio de Janeiro, Tapachula, The Hague-Netherlands and Montreal were closed.

before 2017, Former Foreign Minister Jose Valencia claimed that in Rafael Correa’s governmentThe State Department came to a budget of $163 million, which was reduced in the Moreno government to $103 million, and that this entity had 1,700 officials (among those within and outside the state), but in its period they were 400 less, with austerity measures.

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The political share abroad is about 40% for ambassadors in Ecuador

according to political quotaThe previous government recorded 54 appointments among ambassadors, ministers and others, according to the latest cut made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in mid-May of this year. Due to his termination or resignation, his employment was terminated between April and May, before the new presidential term could be exercised.

Regarding these issues, the new Professional consultant and diplomat for nearly 39 years, Mauricio Montalvo He hopes that his administration will be defined by respect for diplomatic life, adherence to the Foreign Service Basic Law, defense of national interests and concern for Ecuadorians abroad. It is not ruled out closing, opening or reopening embassies, consulates and representations except after analysis and planning.

Foreign Minister Mauricio Montalvo: ‘Negotiating trade agreements is not a priority for the US government at the moment’

Regarding the institutional framework, despite the problems recorded with reopening Diplomatic Academy Investigated by the Association’s International Relations Committee in the previous period, Montalvo notes that Ambassador Alejandro Suárez, who is in charge of this entity, has his confidence and “there will always be room for improvement”, he assumes. In addition, he plans to reopen the file Advisory Council on Foreign Relations.

Regarding political quotas, he noted that appointments to the diplomatic corps did not always respond to the criteria promoted by law: distinguished persons who rendered relevant services to the country; Instead, the political distribution was, many times, given to relatives, friends, comrades, or political interest, with exceptions.

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Former ambassador Cristobal Roldan denounced the harassment during his duties in Spain

Montalvo asserts that President Laso has promised that it will be well below the limit permitted by law, 20%, of the total members of the diplomatic corps, in the political quota, which is a “health space” for the president to award certain positions according to the special characteristics of people who can exercise representation of the state and their personal representation. (I)

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